No Challenge Is Bigger Than Your Courage | Stand Up For Yourself | Moose Jattana | Josh Talks

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0:00- Introduction
1:43- How it began?
2:30- Character question in public
3:47- Shift in power
5:33- 20 second thought
6:53- What I did?
10:15- Blackmail to destroy image
12:20- Openness with parents
13:30- Message for victim and abuser

It is said that challenges are the true test of life but we have never been taught how to get through those challenges. Today, Josh Talks presents an inspiring example of a person who overcame challenges that she stumbled upon on her path to success with her courage and determination.

Moose Jattana started out as a content creator in 2019. She faced many challenges in her journey, was cyberbullied, and was called names. Life took an unusual turn for her but she never gave up.

This courageous talk will set an example that there is nothing, a woman can’t do. Watch this inspirational and motivational Josh Talk to know how she faced all the challenges and struggled to achieve success.

Moose Jattana is a popular content creator on the internet who spreads awareness about cyberbullying. You can follow her on Instagram here:

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Author: admin

49 thoughts on “No Challenge Is Bigger Than Your Courage | Stand Up For Yourself | Moose Jattana | Josh Talks

  1. Some people are like this. They think it’s right to humiliate and abuse others. It shows about their character.
    Fun is something and we do it to a limit and when all do mistake at times. In that case we should always apologise but when someone sticks to his negative mindset and attitude it shows more about the type of person he is than anything g else. Many times it hurts me seeing people abusing each other with filthiest language but at times it’s better to keep quite coz I can’t go to their level and don’t want to.
    You are really a strong woman. Loved your talk

  2. Sorry i respect womens i have both a sister and mother but some time thighs are just opposite the same blackmail come from my girlfriend and try to digging my money

  3. I used to be that type of guy during my secondary High school…..
    A girl has been beaten by her uncle due to my DMs, which accidentally her uncle noticed…..
    I don't know what motivated me at that time (may be the atmosphere in which i lived in) to send those profane sentences but i still regret for those vulgar words which i had used in her's DM….ever since that incident happened , I haven't talked to a single female that way…

  4. She was right but why she was with foreign accent, i mean the audience is indian therefore accent should also be indian so that we can relate easily

  5. I think 99.9% girls or women face these types of humiliations, bully on social media . If she want to show her freedom of expression, and when this happen we just get stuck and think how to respond all this bullshit and then decide to keep our mouth shut or block him or delete those messages . We can't even get courage to open that dms again . I can't even find why they are like that. Either they have not good upbringing or they have ill mindset .

  6. 209 dislike means ye usi ki mentally ke h..😀😀 && I'm not one of them…But, but miss tiktoker thodi bodyshowing km krna

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS , YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW FUCKING AMAZING YOU ARE❤ i follow you on ig so I already know this story and learnt how to deal with this, Love you ❤

  8. The hardest thing a small YouTuber can feel is when you wake up in the morning and nothing is changed on your channel 😭😭😭😭

  9. I respect her struggle and whatever she have to go through in her life, but please ask her to remove this fake accent. This looks like real fake.

  10. Thanks a lot the brave girl …I think u inspire many and given us the idea how to deal with these situations….

  11. Mam whole the explanation is damn 💯% right but, something you missed,how everything started?you have that power that's why I'm telling you,3 days back one girl dm me outof nowhere and send me a list of hers sex-chat list……now think I'm a 20+ I get rid of this matter easily but same thing if happened to our youth means 15-19 yrs old boys then results like for them'all girls are willing to do sex'…..that's a gone case ……so I think you have to do work particularly on this matter…… thanks mam.
    from a……
    (pharmacist, front line worrior)

  12. Australia se aaya andolan mai mera dost pahuch gaya josh talks😂😂😂, aaj jhande change karne nhi gayi kya😂😂

  13. You have done such a great job on this special Day
    By standing for our Indian girls by making all boys/mens guilty what they have done or they can do
    Happy Republic Day
    The best video I can gift to all our respected girls.

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