Noam Chomsky, Why We Got Fired, and Abu Mohammed al-Jolani's Extremist Makeover

We interview some guy named Noam Chomsky (extended interview coming next week), get to the bottom of why we broke up with Rolling Stone, and scrutinize the thrilling PBS interview of former al-Nusra/al-Qaeda leader-turned-very-handsome-man Abu Mohammed al-Jolani. Katie taps her beard-crit background, while we both investigate the two most important questions of our time: which four goateed male celebrities combined look like one PBS interviewer Martin Smith, and why do I keep thinking Smith is British?


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24 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky, Why We Got Fired, and Abu Mohammed al-Jolani's Extremist Makeover

  1. Katie is cramping Matt's career. He's too nice to give a shit. She does nothing for you, Matt. Sorry. I mean, I suppose there's some value to keeping a beta comidienne onboard, but seriously you were carrying useful idiots when on Rolling Stone on your own, and anyone who emphasizes their puns should be cancelled anyway (sorry, Kate). But seriously, I just look forward to Matt's solo podcast. He doesn't need a sidekick. Kate, you will do fine on your own. I look forward to watching and listening your stuff, Kate but let's be honest.. you hold Matt back. This has nothing to do with Syria.. you're just a bit superficial, and sorry, a bit boring. I could go into detail as to why, but better you just email me

  2. The Vanguard is actually doing a Hate, Inc. reading club on their YouTube channel. They're good people. Matt should go on their channel to discuss! They'd be great guest for the Katie Halper show too!

  3. You know we’re in a simulation because Matt and Katie literally took the high road in an identical scenario from a movie about the media where the protagonist could not

  4. hey guys just to inform you, Youtube is basically making me impossible to find your videos since you went independent. it's fucked up even when I search for the interviewee (like "Ellsberg useful idiots") it won't show me the new shows for the most

  5. Matt and Katie aren’t idiots, nor are they useful. The people paying RS to host the podcast pulled their support.
    FYI the actor’s name Matt’s trying to retrieve from his vodka soaked brain is Gary Cole.

  6. @16:55 I heard it was because Jann Wenner said to Matt “You’re becoming a goddamn right-winger.” And Matt replied, “Yeah? Well, you know that’s just like uh, your opinion, man.”

  7. was it because Matt secretly controls all the raindeer moss in siberea, and they can't have anything to do with that? There is a line that must not be crossed lichen is their absolute limit

  8. Matt walked into the head editor's office with his eyes on the sides of his head saying: "I'm ready to do the podcast!" And the head editor was all: "Aww, hell no!"

  9. Rolling Stone sucks so bad, thank god you guys left. It was a weird union considering you guys actually have critical thinking skills, integrity and a sense of humour.

  10. I learned all about and Jack Bogle from martin Smith on Frontline many many years ago. Now he's interviewing terrorists who behead people? If it bleeds it leads I guess.

  11. Endless, recursive effect of being between two mirrors is called Droste effect. Same thing with Land-o-lakes girl on butter holding a package of butter with an image of her holding…etc…

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