6 thoughts on “Old Ward Parkway Mall Through the Years (1959-2000)

  1. This must of been a great place to visit as a child sigh even tho the mall is now abandoned its memories will always remain in our hearts forever.

  2. Over 30 years ago a man told me that as a child he lived along a lake that was drained to build Ward Parkway shopping center. He was born in the mid-1930s.

  3. In 1989 I worked for TGI Fridays in the Old Ward Parkway Center Mall and shortly after starting I met a real nice gal. Shortly there after she moved to Oklahoma and I went on to Texas. Out of the blue in 2013 our paths would cross again in Alabama. We've been together 4 years and one day we would like to visit the Old Ward Parkway Center Mall where we first met. If it's still there?

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