21 thoughts on “ONE YEAR IN MALAYSIA! Reacting to our first vlog in MALAYSIA (Our first time trying NASI LEMAK!)

  1. Steve and Ivana, you guys are so adorable and true to yourselves when reacting to your first video inn MY. Don't be too hard on yourself, Steven. Like Ivana said, you guys were still learning on how to make better vlogs.

    One day, when I go to Canada to visit my foster parents in Toronto, can I visit you, too, if you're there?

    Stay safe in Pakistan and in other countries.

  2. The way I would remember if I ever get I confused is that, for example the time 3.30pm, South Korea would get to 3.30pm before Malaysia does.

  3. Thanks a lot Ferrel for bringing in one of my favourite couples in the WORLD!!!!…..
    Frankly speaking…. I even like these kind of blogs… not many experience yet 🤣
    Btw…. Subeng Jayerrr….. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. I agree with Ivana. Maybe I would say an hour ahead of Malaysia instead of earlier, might be more appropriate And I know why Steve is confusing, at first I agreed with Ivana but then I doubted myself, was I right? I then playback the video and yea I think probably the term that you guys use make you confusing. Theoretically, Steve was right 7:45 am in fact is earlier than 8:45am. But technically, like what Ivana said, if you are on the same timezone, that explains it all

  5. Ivana you are correct. New Zealand time zone is earlier because usually when Apple was introduced we was this first usually.

  6. I remember when i go to sabah. Coz peninsular and borneo have the same timezone but sabah sun rise early i always getting late to work there. Coz there they all start work at 7am but peninsular usually at 8am.

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