8 thoughts on “Paramus NJ: Complete walkthrough inside the Paramus Park Mall!

  1. …'The Garden State Plaza'…thanx – forgot its name…across the highway from Alexander's with the mural everyone hated at the time…where is this one??? Benn gone from NJ since Aug 79…used'ta visit the old Bergen Mall back ca 1958/59 went to see a display of a Navy – F-11 Tiger -which the Blue Angels were using as their demo aircraft…a big deal for an 8 year old kid who loved aircraft!!! Thanx for all of these walk arounds and drive arounds…

  2. …is this the old Paramus mall on Rts 4 & 17??? I remember going to the Arcadian Gardens with my dad on Sunday mornings after Mass…and to Hovermans on Rt 17…

  3. Thanks for a really nice walk-through. Also, thanks for reminding me that there's a mall a pretty short distance from where I live and, being completely vaccinated, I have no excuse to avoid going there and walking around a couple times a week. After all, if I'm brave enough to go to the Y and use their exercise machinery again, I can use the mall on alternate days.

  4. You sure did Freddy. The video was perfect from the second it started. Enjoying the mall viewing all the surroundings and just walking though like normal. I enjoy walkthrough content with no commentary.

    In fact, me and the family enjoyed our supper seeing this from you this evening. 8^)


  5. My favorite mall in New Jersey. Many happy weeks going there with my family growing up and still a blast to visit for fun with the whole family. Thank you so much for taking my request Freddy. A true pleasure viewing this from you and thank you for allowing time out from your busy schedule to browse though out the mall and uploading it for us to enjoy. 8^)


  6. Never been there I was In Center City Mall a week ago it was empty and half the stores where vacant but it was quiet and clean so I did not care

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