[Pattaya]Terminal 21, eat Udon for the first time, buy toys for KK Coffee

We went to Terminal 21. Yui, KK Coffee owner ate Udon for the first time. We bought toys for KK Coffee at Daiso, Japanese cheaper shop.

Terminal 21
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KK Coffee(next to Cocktail car)
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26 thoughts on “[Pattaya]Terminal 21, eat Udon for the first time, buy toys for KK Coffee

  1. Very good choice of the girl u selected. I hope we see more of her. She is exactly my type…very pretty nice personality love the social life and plays a good game of pool.

  2. You'd have thought that if they're going to erect a Tower of Pisa in Pattaya they'd at least make sure it's nice and straight.

  3. She is extremely beautiful n a keeper. It just goes to show you don't need bar girls you can find beautiful n Awesome Thai Ladies in different places.

  4. こんばんわ。
    なんかOh barと揉めてますね。笑
    Cozy barで一緒にダーツやりたいです。

  5. Momi aloha!🏝
    Beyond.Maui koko!😊
    I like you videos & KK COFFEE SHOP!👍
    I visit first time to Thailand last year March 2019! BKK & PATTAYA!🙀
    Plan 2nd trip March 2021 & will visit KK Coffee Shop 4shoa!👍
    But for now how to buy Yui one more table.set by PayPal please? Please lmk when you have time ok.tnx!🤑
    Kopkhun krup!
    Chokdee makmak!

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