41 thoughts on “Pauj Kua Zaub Ntsuab Tag Mam Nrauj 10/14/20

  1. Hhh cas yuav ua tau siab ua luaj li os yom, twb tsis yog pauj rau kj xwb os zoo siab tias kj 1 leeg xwb thiaj pauj tau tag nrho rau poj niam uas ua tsis tau dab tsi es niaj hnub quaj xwb os tus me niam tsev aw.😁😁😁

  2. This is a true fact about Hmong men (culture), especially in the older generations. Fact – adultery, 1st, and 2nd wife exist and tolerates the 21st century. I do believe that the younger generation will change – change to help educate, taking responsibility for individual actions, respect, and empower young girls as much as the boys. The Hmong culture has to do better to teach young girls and boys that they are love, it starts at home.
    It is shameful that these old farts want to listen to her detailing her affairs and directed her to accept/tolerate her abuser's behavior. The woman in this story is learning to love and respect herself again through others. It is a powerful story to teach others to stand up for themselves in such an abusive situation.

  3. We Hmong women need to come together and support one another. Most Hmong men have this mindset that they are above the wife and they have every right to cheat. You're very strong lady. Kuv zoo siab thiab rhuas koj thiab koj muab niag dev ntawv lawb hlo. Koj tawb tau ib tug hlub2 koj lawn os.

  4. Cov txiv neej hmoob mas nyiam qhuav tau ib txoj hooj lwm zoo li ntawd xwb los siab phem lim hiam tseem deev hmoob tej poj niam thiab. Cias npam li ntawd xwb haj yam zoo.

  5. You have done the right way I respect your idea sister, as a man i think who ever is a cheater first should tell his first cheating story to the court or to every body at that meeting, any way congratulation you done the right way and now you have a good and happy life.

  6. So….. did this happen in Africa or America? And what year? Because in today's modern world, red light and green lights are your best friends. Why even waste time arguing? It's not 1975 anymore lady. Wake up

  7. Good job for taking revenge on your ex cheating husband. No more OG style of being patiently and getting yourself stressed out.

  8. As a woman u have the right to protect yourself from suffering and torture. U have the right to be happy as human being. Glad that u flee from your ex husband. Stay strong and who care what others say.

  9. I commend you for your bravery. Good job. A cheater will always cheat unless he's six feet under. You deserve happiness.

  10. Tus niam laus aw kuv ma nyiam koj zaj dab neeg no tsaj plaws nawb !nancy thank you so much I love this story for me is the number 1 live it🥰🥰🥰

  11. Nonesee i m a guy. Good job sista i m glad she did what she did. There is no such thing as man right to cheat. Only in the mind of hmong old g. Time to change for equal rights.

  12. Nrog tus niam tsev no zoo siab qhov uas nws pauj kiag tau kua zaub ntsuab ntawm nws tus qub txiv dev. Peb cov poj niam yuav tsum muaj peev xwm li tus sister no nawb cov txiv neej thiaj li tsi muaj2 plhu na.

  13. Nyiam qhov koj pauj tau kiag kua zaub Juab lawm. Koj txivdev thsublaus ntawv mas ntxim ntxub heev, nws hlwb rwj tseem npav siv lub maib ruam ruam tias txivneej yeej musj cai tsoob lwm tus pojniam. He got what he deseves

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