21 thoughts on “Peak Fintech Pre- Nasdaq Analysis | $PKK $PKKFF | Sunday Night Chat

  1. Sunday Night Live 4/12/21 with Hammy and Sean

    0:27 $PKK $PKKFF ($TNT) Peak uplisting to NASDAQ

    2:27 Peak restructured business model in 2018

    3:41 Peak Deck…China growth, SMEs importance, and transition out of agriculture based cities

    6:21 Peak Deck…previous fintech crisis in China, and Lending Hub model

    10:01 Peak Deck…how does it work

    13:58 Peak Deck…proof of concept and revenue growth since 2018

    18:32 Peak Deck…2020 growth, partnerships and bringing the platform to North America

    29:05 Peak Deck…monetizing data, AI analysis, and digital currency in China

    36:23 Peak Deck…EV market in China

    38:40 Peak Financials…EBITDA, revenue, positive cash flow and outsourcing cost reduction

    Audience Questions:

    45:24 Potential reverse split and institutional investors

    46:42 Previous goals and business models

    50:11 Concern of overextending moving in NA

    51:04 Utilizing Discord for DD with ‘how to search’ tutorial

    52:37 Up-listing logistics

    55:27 Possible expansion into India in 2022

    57:02 Adoption rate

    59:10 Comparison to Upstart $UPST

    1:02:56 Expansion into North America

    1:03:24 Private placement effect on news releases and fintech

    1:06:11 Cubeler purchase

    1:07:50 Platform readiness for expansion into new countries

    1:08:41 2021 and 2022 forecasts and employee growth strategy

    1:12:28 China and Canada business relations

    1:13:22 Uplist time frame for TSX and HK exchange

    1:14:16 Closing statements on Peak and upcoming weeks

  2. Great live update, first one I have attended, excited about where Peak is going and glad I got in even if it was later than most on the family

  3. Fascinating Times Call For Fascinating Information Brought Forth By Fascinating Individuals Whom Always Exceed Expectations and Continually Raise The Bar to New Heights! Bravo 👏 Gentlemen 🔌 Talk.

  4. Thank you Sean and Hammy for going through the most up-to-date investor deck for Peak and taking the time to address so many audience questions.

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