35 thoughts on “PETER RABBIT 2: THE RUNAWAY – Official Teaser Trailer (HD)

  1. can't wait i thought it would come out for easter but the released date is may 14th i think. i have the first one on dvd though can't wait until it comes on dvd.

  2. Every other trailer on ads on TV and stuff like that is saying that this movie that no one has seen other than the producers directors and preview party is the number one family comedy this year how can you say that when no one has ever watched it you could say that if people had watched it and had given it that review but doing reviews which I do for a living for a quite large newspaper as you will find out you are literally trying to take away from my job and others in my industry we are the ones that say those sort of things not the film developer and unless you lot want nothing but bad reviews I suggest you change the advertisements because personally that falsity in the trailer for this movie will be making it into my review and it isn't going to be a very nice one I can promise you that no matter how funny it is I don't know one newspaper reviewer that will give it that view as you have stolen it from us we like to come up without own review and even if we did find it hilariously funny and the number one family comedy of this year we wouldn't say it in our publications due to the fact this is already a view that has been pushed by the producers directors and whoever the hell put out the trailer so just for future reference and for a little bit of notice your film is not going to be the number one family comedy of the year because you stole that term away from us the reviewers

  3. Ohhhh I can't wait to watch this movie 🥴😍😍😍😍
    Hope it well be better than the
    first one

  4. Honestly I cant wait for this movie! Idk why a few of the comments are so negative to this? It's a kids movie jeez. It's ought to be crazy.

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