Pivot Table and Slicer in PowerPoint… Are You Serious?

In this tutorial I show you how I bring an Excel Pivot Table in PowerPoint, create a slicer and a Pivot Chart… and have them fully interactive in PowerPoint.
You can Download the Exercise File and follow along by clicking on the link here below (Register as Member)
You can Download the Exercise File and follow along by clicking on the link:

You can read the Step by Step blog article Here:
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I can’t wait to show you how to do that in Excel… and PowerPoint.

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48 thoughts on “Pivot Table and Slicer in PowerPoint… Are You Serious?

  1. Good solution for a common problem. …but I got error message when I clicked the pivot border on PPT that " no sufficient memory "….

  2. Thanks for your wonderful step by step instructions to embed pivot table from excel to PPT. But it is not refreshing automatically when excel data and pivot in Excel changes. While double click on the embedded table in PPT, getting error "There isn't enough memory available to read Worksheet ". Any tips to fix this please

  3. Very good video. Question though: If you were to take that PowerPoint slide and set it to Slide Show Mode, I assume that you can interact with the slicer should you be giving an overhead presentation.

  4. Great that I came across this option. But I am missing embed option in my power point. Any one knows why and how can I have it ? Thanks!!!

  5. When I double click on my pivot table in PPT it opens up an excel file instead of staying in ppt. My chart isn't dynamic in ppt, but it is in the excel that opens up.
    What am I doing wrong? Thank you for the wonderful video!

  6. Good morning, fantastic tips but i have a question.
    I currently use office 365 but i don't have pivottable options. Is the add-on avaible on office 365 ? In add, i would like to know if you are able to see the entire pivot table in powerpoint even if it changes its bigger than the original dimension? thanks

  7. Excelent video. Thnks!,, But… how can update the data (or add new data) and have the chart and presentation to update automatically?

  8. Wow! This was exactly what I needed for work. I was spending hours formatting in excel first to then add to PPT. And if I had to make revisions, had to do the entire process all over again, change in Excel and copy to PPT. TYSM!

  9. Hello Sir.. Is there any way to protect PowerPoint presentation ie set expired date @ protect from copying & editing.. 😀😀😀

  10. You should mention that each time you embed file in ppt file it's size is growing rapidly, so you can easily end with file that's 50mb and you can't share it via email

  11. Maybe it would be better to transfer advertisements and descriptions to the end of the video. Thank you for your nice video. 🙂

  12. Wow.. Wow.. Wow.. 🌟 🌟 🌟
    You are a legend..
    I am very grateful to you.
    Your tutorials are unique and always useful.. Best regards. Salim.

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