20 thoughts on “Police Arrest Suspect In Rape Of Woman Inside Center City Macy's

  1. This guy went from a history of theft to Aggravated! I will say this the way they solved this crime by tracking his movements throughout the city transit train stations, corner stores, traffic lights, and bus rides tells the TALE that they have the technology the cameras are constantly monitoring Americans and they can solve crimes using that technology only when they feel the victims are worthy.

  2. Sex demonic being on the lose MotherGod and Father Sky please send your army of angles down to earth the human family is so very sick we need your love and light. Thank you

  3. I wonder if when they catch these rapists they should have them submit to a full physical exam to see if they carry any communicable diseases so they can treat the victims. What a horrible experience to have to go through when you think your safe but you're really not, not anywhere, not anymore. Be aware of your surroundings like a fox and best not to go anywhere alone, anymore, if it's possible.

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