Premier Ford makes an announcement at Queen's Park | Nov 20

Premier Doug Ford will be joined by Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, Rod Phillips, Minister of Finance, and Dr. David Williams, Chief Medical Office of Health, to make an announcement.

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20 thoughts on “Premier Ford makes an announcement at Queen's Park | Nov 20

  1. Hey Doc are you blind and the glasses are for show? The data not been bad for the last couple days. Its been bad for over a month! And Ford the only reason you like Lilly is because he is your version of trump's fav Sean Hannity and like Hannity he is an idiot

  2. Close Walmart and Costco and let the little shop reap some rewards…..if u own a business stay open cause Costco and Walmart are

  3. Lots of help for Biz. Cupboard is bare for the disabled. You disabled people we hate you, just go get a job already even though you cant work.

  4. No evidence for your life destroying government measures.
    Show the research papers for PCR tests, show how effective they r. Show Canadian and Ontario Death Stats for all death. What is your rationale for these non scientific restrictions and asssult to the people of Ontario

  5. Crime against humanity, government takes responsibility for areas they have no jurisdiction over. Ushering the Canadian “reset” justin Trudeau spoke of three days ago

  6. This is an outrage, you can shop with strangers but can’t see loved ones, you haven’t even released data for us to see. I reject this come and give me a fine, I’ll see you in court.

  7. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  8. This has to stop. People cant keep giving everything up to receive nothing in return. You keep closing business to help curb the spread with out support to the people it affects. I think the government needs to open up all businesses with reasonable restrictions & put all the money they can in helping hospitals cope. you guys are doing it backwards. This just verifies you haven't done enough to get beds & PPE to hospitals. So what is the real deal here. If you can keep schools open then all business's should remain open as well. Invest everything else into health care until a vaccine is available.

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