Putting Booktube to Shame With a 60+ Book Haul 📚

This is over 2 months worth of a #BookHaul with the vast majority sent to me from publishers. A huge thank you to everyone who sent me books these past few months!

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0:00 Introduction
0:49 Middle Grade
25:11 Young Adult
30:33 Adult

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49 thoughts on “Putting Booktube to Shame With a 60+ Book Haul 📚

  1. I immediately pre-ordered What Lives in the Woods because I live in Michigan! Perfect read for Halloween time!

  2. It still surprises me that publishers will send people copies of later books in a series without them being requested 🤨 seems sort of like a waste.

  3. I've hauled a court of thorns and roses hoping to read it soon I'm very excited to see what all the hype is about 😂

  4. Ooo lamplighters I have this it sounds soo good

    Those edges thou 😍 I might have to get me another copy 🙈

    The Thursday murder club since you picked it up you might like The Marlow murder club by Robert thorogood

  5. Lore is really good I really enjoyed it and I'm currently reading this golden flame and 60% way through and enjoying it.

    Plus there not my usual reads I would pick up bit I'm glad I'm enjoying them

  6. That starfell under dust jacket is just stunning 😍

    I've never played the kingdom hearts ? But if there's books I might have to pick them up as the story line intrigues me but I just can't cba to play video games right now

  7. Soo many books I want to add to my tbr! Great haul Gavin, also I love your t-shirt! ☺️

  8. Ok…Coffee? Check….Amazon tab open? Check….Ready for some good times??? Most definitely check! lol!

  9. This was a perfect accompaniment to me having to do chores this afternoon. Thanks Gavin!

    Can’t believe you haven’t read The Skullduggery Pleasant series. One of my favorite MG series.

  10. The dust jackets of these books are just incredible especially the gold embossing. A fantastic book haul Gav!. I honestly cannot wait to get and read Rainbow Grey!!. I never knew Kingdom Hearts was a manga series- omg how exciting and what a great bargain for the both of them!.
    Skullduggery Pleasant is a pretty good series- I've only read the first book but I do have the 2nd book on my TBR which I'm hoping to get to soon. That ARC of Empire of the vampire looks awesome- I'm sad I have to wait until the release date to get my copy.

  11. I ordered Show Us Who You Are from Amazon as soon as the book pick was posted at the beginning of April, but the ETA is April 27….🥴

  12. If you do decide to give Skulduggery a go 👀*cough*👀 someone you know is currently hosting a readalong. April is Book 3 so you'd EASILY catch up and honestly, they're so funny. But, if you're not fussed or don't think it's a series you want to get into I know someone 👀*cough*👀 who will happily take the most recent one off your hands (Swap or sell, I don't mind)..

  13. Haha the title :- D Omg the The Lamplighters book is so gorgeous 😍 Restrospectivelly all mentions of Den of Vipers are hilarious 😂 The beautiful covers of the ACOTAR books, though 😮

  14. Most the meek gives me a sort of how to train your dragon vibe with a hiccup-like main character.
    I loved the skullduggery pleasant series when I was in high school and plan to start the series again in the next few years.
    The cover of They threw us away instantly had me thinking of the bear in toy story or a Friday nights at Freddy’s kind of character.

  15. I'm just gonna say it, middle grade has the best covers hands down. I want them all, but my wallet says, "Girl, get real!"

  16. Elephant in the room is a wonderful story. Gives me a bit of Flora and Ulysses fibes. I couldn't put it down. Great story about family!

  17. I need to catch up with Wolf Brother & Skulduggery Pleasant! Started them both at school and yet I'm so far behind in the series 😅
    Starfell sounds really interesting & imaginative. Lore sounds hilarious, might have to pick it up!

  18. Hi Gavin, I have a question about Scritch Scratch, because I avoid horror like the plague, how scary it is? Considering that I get scared super easily.

  19. wow 60 books there's me i am not going to add any to my list and i got excited as most i already had on my list and then you go and do it speak about one i did not know about damn you gav and your hauls teehee only kidding

  20. Please could you consider putting time stamps for middle grade, YA and adult books on your videos? I’d personally really appreciate it

  21. The amazing thing is that there was only one book I had to go and look up. Most of the others I was interested in I either already own or have on my wishlist!

  22. Book hauls are just so comforting to me!! Also not me writing down most of the books u hauled😂😂
    That edition of Amari looks stunning!! Lore and the gilded ones is so good!! Can't wait to read a court of silver flames myself🙌🤗

  23. Also, you definately need to read the Wolf Brother books, one of my favourite MG series, they are so beautifully written and very quick reads

  24. Hi Gavin!! I just wanted to say how thankful I am for you and your content💖✨I love watching your videos and I get so excited every time I get a notification you’ve uploaded a new video!☺️

  25. I looove Kingdom Hearts so so much! Didn't know that they had books for them, might definitely look into adding some to my TBR

  26. i take it you'll never read Discworld 😂

    omg Jonathan Stroud! I really hope you like it, he's such a sweetheart and writes amazing books 🥰

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