Rooting HTC One A&TT or International (M7) Part 1 of 2 Unlocking Bootloader

In this video i show you how to Unlock the HTC ONE bootloader for AT&T or the international version, to install clockwork recovery and a custom Rom.

HTC Sync Drivers:

Adb + Fastboot:

Link 2 backup:

Special thanks at the devs at XDA Developers


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27 thoughts on “Rooting HTC One A&TT or International (M7) Part 1 of 2 Unlocking Bootloader

  1. Great new !!, Such an awesome place freehtcunlock(dot)net is, unlocked my Htc really quickly !!. Finally a site that isn't a paid service

  2. I cant get best the part where it is fetching the identifier token. Could this be because I'm running on windows 8?

  3. so your laptop doesnt read in fastboot mode , make sure you have the drivers iinstalled if not uninstall and reinstall htc syn , then go to adb and type" fastboot devices" when your in bootloader mode

  4. When i submit the the token it said bootloading failed error:Error Code: 160.
    Error Reason: MID Not Allowed.

    HELP And plz respond

  5. whenever I get my phone on the bootloader and connect to my laptop, my laptop wont read the usb, but off of bootloader I can connect it

  6. no unlocking the bootloader allows u to flash a recovery.. then u flash a recovery.. then u can flash custom rom/ kernels ect.. root is just pushing superuser busybox to your phone so u can use rooted apps..

  7. i have a sim unlocked at&t htc one and i just rooted it following the steps of your video, i did because i want to use the mobile hotspot and i just can't, i already tried foxwifi and another apps but they failed, so do you know what do i have to erase and what to install to make it work? this is my first android device, any help would be completely appreciated, im using the device with a mexican carrier

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