sam kosal រកស៊ីខាតអស់លុយពីខ្លួន | What to do when no more money to run business | សំកុសល

Welcome to my Youtube Channel ,

We are sharing you the idea for self-development idea, success idea, scholar experiences, entrepreneurship, investment, running own business, and other idea for improvements.

The videos are spoken in Khmer Language (Cambodian) by :
Sam Kosal
Kim Heang
Kim Sokheng
Soum Sambath
Din Somethearith
Kim Heang
Tang Gechlieng
Other worldwide scholars

Thank you for your support  Good Luck everyone ! Let make improvement with our trainers!
Reference: Sam Kosal (CEO of Business Cambodia)
សហគ្រិនខ្មែរ លោកគ្រូ សំ កុសល៖


3-គំនិត រកស៊ីចូលហ៊ុនគ្នាឲ្យបានយូរ


6-sam kosal-ជិតដាច់ឆ្នាំហើយគួរធ្វើបែបណា

This channel is a part to help you to improve your knowledge in running business, and develop yourself.


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