Come with me as I go to one of Dar Es Salaams best Malls as well as one of Dar’s most prestigious Shopping Centres, Slipway,

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  1. Relax guys… people looking at you are just admirers..they don't mean no harm!.. Even us locals are just looked is that just odd, harmless behavior from people here…

  2. Dear sister,hope you can do interview with African Diaspora News channel and do ones with African Tigress,Wode Maya,Tayino Aina coz that can give your channel exposure.Its time to grow your channel and increase the views.Otherwise your content is very good.

  3. I was looking at the imported stuff thinking “Yuk” 🤭, rather eat natural foods. Suits those that want it but some of it I just see as poison.

    Naomi, remember you can’t just record as you like, some don’t like it and you may notice it’s not a generic thing to do, you may have to ask permission Sis. 👍🏾

    Get used to being stared at, the people know you are “tourists” as you can see no one in the mall appear to be filming. They are just fascinated.

    Would be interesting if you were to interview some young locals who have NO interest in living in the West because they living well in Africa. And yes, so jealous, that sea view was ❤️. 👏🏾👏🏾

  4. Wow, your gorgeous!…tell your dad I'm a nice older guy! Lol (kidding)….wow, those cereal's are a good price and yes, I watched a some of your video's!

  5. Every item imported in a country with a GDP of 50 billion! Before you state that America imports every thing from China , well US has a GDP of OF 21 TRILLION! The problem is that it destroys the local economies that cannot compete !

  6. Moving to Africa is about not supporting the West. Foods that kill while making the oppressors and their families rich… Lots of opportunity to manufacture from the land, to market to the diaspora 🙂

  7. I can't see you guys wearing mask, you mean Tanzania is one of the free Corona Countries? thanks for showing us the beauty of Dar es salaam.

  8. No worries, when I and many more Diasporans return to Tanzania to do business, you can film in our establishments as much as you like. Rise up, Afrikans, and push these NON-AFRIKANS out.

  9. Ah have an experience to share but it rated NR, you see there's some drama, suspense, a little horror but no romance. When ah was living a lie in western culture was one thing but when I was awoke about 3 years ago there was a time like someone was encouraging me. Your vlog too short, your bed pose to appealing and stop saying I'm tired, let the camera roll.

  10. Like every where else in the world malls are super expensive. I see you’re not missing the cold English weather, it’s bloody cold 🥶 here in NY. Nice video, one love from NYC.

  11. naumi,Christmas is in Africa you can see live Christmas,in UK there is no Christmas everything is dead on Christmas day in UK,but in Africa you can see urself how it is there

  12. Hi Naomi. Tell them they need to charge the price on the packages that what they do here in uk shops😄lol.
    Don’t worry about people looking at you lot.
    They are admirers . They can tell new faces in the area.
    Every time I come there people will say to me I haven’t been in the country though I’m a Tanzanian.
    You can ask your family to ship those stuff from here.
    Too expensive there!

  13. Nice places and good content. Word of advice, when you're recording in the shops please just tell us how much things are without you commenting about " I think It's too expensive." The owners of these shops won't allow you to record/take videos with such comments. Let us decide whether or not it's too expensive.

  14. are you going to travel the other part of Tanzania is so Beautiful
    eg safari or Zanzibar ,Mwanza,Tanga to experience different cultures.

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