Shopping In Stilettos

Shopping in Stilettos
I open the car door and swing my legs out, slip off my flats then cautiously wriggle my feet into my new black patent stiletto shoes, immediately feeling both the constraint of the close-fitting female shoe and the steep angle imposed upon my poor feet from the 5 inch heel. Trembling with nerves I gingerly stand up next to the car and try to calm myself.
Before leaving the house I’d briefly checked how I looked in the full length mirror. I still can’t get accustomed to how cute I look in a business suit – it’s like looking at someone else entirely which messes with my thinking. It had been a hectic week and other than experiencing the foreboding terror at the prospect of another Shopping in Stilettos video, I hadn’t really planned anything – maybe I’d been too nervous. Sometimes I find I slip into “girlie thinking” and so I’d thought that since I’d already worn my black lacy top stockings I’d try some light tan silky stockings instead. But, standing looking at myself in the mirror I couldn’t believe how high gloss and sheer they were. They put my legs completely on show. Surely, there’s no way I would be able to venture out in public looking this way when most other females were out in jeans or leggings. Well, I’ll take the black ones and maybe change. It’s all so confusing – what am I doing? I glanced at myself in the mirror again trying to see myself through casual observer’s eyes – and, well yes, I look every bit the professional woman so there’s simply no alternative, is there? I’ll just have to live the roll. Become the very thing I looked so very like. There I stand in my 1½” heel cute office shoes wondering if I could go through with it. You see it’s not about being brave enough to wear a pair of high heel shoes out in public – No way. Any fool could do that. No, the essential factor is that I have to be seem as a perfect woman, possibly out from a local office and that means every tiny element of my poise, my movements, my very presence must be feminine.
On the way to the supermarket I had stopped at a café to pick up a take-away coffee. Even here I had changed down from my office shoes into flats so’s not to be conspicuous. Conspicuous?! Oh good heavens! Standing waiting for my coffee, my stomach did a turn. I tried to blot all the over-thinking from my mind.
At the supermarket carpark it seemed all the trolleys were taken, but surely not, the carpark was only half-full. I drove about quite confused but eventually finding a few of the type that I can easily hide my camera in. Standing next to my car I’m trembling, trying to calm my breathing down, not daring to look around. I sit back in the car, to give my feet a moments relief, to check my makeup and pick up my pink coat. My heads all in a whirl. I couldn’t make a sensible decision if I tried. Friday, mid-morning. Golly, the times moving swiftly on, and the supermarket will get busier. I carefully chose one close to the city centre where a professional office woman wouldn’t look so out of place. Climbing back out of the car, I wriggle my toes well down into the incredibly pointed toes and adjust my posture to accept the control being imposed on my feet, ankles and in fact my whole body. The change pushes out my bottom and rounds my back. I walk over to the trolleys desperately wanting to hurry but it’s impossible. There’s simply on alternative so I let my essence slip back to the place I feel so comfortable, so natural – the feminine role. So OK, I’ll just video this walk over then change into some lower heels for the shopping. Reaching carefully into my handbag for my purse, so’s not to damage my super-shiny nail varnish, I pull out the token for the trolley-release. But, it just won’t work. I have no other coin and I stand there struggling with it. All this is adding to my whirling head. A woman putting her shopping in the nearby car says she has no change and so with determination I turn over the token, freeing the trolley. Now it must have been this distraction that caused me to momentarily forget my impending predicament and I only really recovered my awareness of the situation once I was well inside the supermarket having passed through entry inspection, sanitized the trolley and my hands… maybe it was the pressure on my calf muscles, maybe it was the raised eyebrow from one of the females … Even though wearing high heels is something I’m used to… but these heels are higher making my ankles almost vertical. There’s no way out now – so I push myself further into the graceful elegant feminine role, hold my head up and be every bit the classy professional woman just out shopping.
Hmm. Didn’t I see that tall gentlemen in the last aisle? Here he is looking out of the corner of his eye at me – well, what’s not to admire? Amanda x
Extra videos to follow… 🙂


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