Sidakarya Project Mixtape #005 – Live 4K – Welcome to Bandung – Morning Edition

Hi everyone , it is good to see you again ..

Today I’m gonna play different genre and also take you the morning ride

Bandung …. Paris Van Java … Flower City

Flower city is another name for this city, because in ancient times the city is considered very beautiful with the many trees and flowers that grow there. In addition Bandung was formerly also called Paris van Java because of its beauty. In addition Bandung is also known as a shopping city, with malls and factory outlets are widely spread in this city, and now gradually the city of Bandung is also a city of culinary tourism.

Morning time is interesting parts where you can enjoy the city with clear sky , community riding bikes , and we could see the whole city without any traffic jam

Without further dues please enjoy the Show

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Thank you … Hatur Nuhun … Terima Kasih … Grazzie…. Matur Sukseme…

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