Silver (NETIS) service elevators – Moskva Shopping Mall, Ussuriysk, RU

Filming date: 16.08.2020

Quite nice service elevators by Silver Elevator Korea, which is an overseas subsidiary of NETIS elevator (South Korea). This shopping mall, called Moskva (in Ussuriysk), was opened in 2014 and has three lifts: one scenic (I filmed it more than one year ago) and two service. All by Silver or NETIS, call it how you want. I didn’t know that the mall has any service elevators last year, so I didn’t even check them that times. You can access these two service lifts on 3rd and 4th floors without any problems.

RU: Служебные лифты Silver (NETIS-310) – ТЦ “Москва”, Уссурийск, Россия

Intro music: (Clean Instrumental) TWICE – What is love
Intro by:
Location: Ussuriysk, RU

All information about elevator is in the video!
Вся информация о лифте в видео!

Съемка лифтов – не преступление
Elevator filming is not a crime


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  1. почему видео снятые в России не на русском языке?

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