Singapore Orchard Road at 4am

Scenes of Singapore Orchard Road at 4am
🚴 Orchard Road in the day –

Filmed using:
Camera: DJI Pocket 2 –
Audio Recorder: Zoom H1N –

Time Stamps:
00:00 Far East Plaza
01:17 Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
02:05 Lucky Plaza
03:01 Paragon
03:51 Apple Orchard Road
04:23 The Heeren
04:53 Design Orchard
06:05 Centrepoint
06:49 Orchard Plaza
09:01 Plaza Singapura
10:52 The Cathay

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12 thoughts on “Singapore Orchard Road at 4am

  1. I used to walk down Orchard Road many times never get tired of this place, but never at 4am. Quite interesting while watching this video at 9am Saturday in California. Lovely sightseeing thank you for taking me there making me homesick.

  2. The tables at 0:05 is usually an impromptu, informal makeshift restaurant set up by a Thai auntie who sells food to working girls who ply their trade at Brix at 0:45 at the Hyatt. The food looks amazing! I'm sure the auntie pays some kind of rent to Far East Plaza… super interesting, Alan! Thanks for this night ride!

  3. Nice to see that some of the planned X'mas decorations for Orchard Road are already up for this year. Thanks Alan for letting us have an early look at what is coming. Do say hi to Disco for me and give her a loving pat on her head 😁👍

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