Sitio Marna – Where Hope Shines Bright in Spite of a Dark COVID-19 Reality

Sitio Marna is an informal settlement located directly opposite one of Cebu City’s largest shopping malls. Yet, Marna is rarely seen by those who visit the mall for their shopping and entertainment needs.

Marna has 550 households (2100 residents). Each household is approx. 6 sq meters and is shared by up to 8 people. Marna is mostly composed of daily wage earners who have been hit the hardest by the economic impact of the lockdown bought on by COVID-19.

We met three young people from Sitio Marna to find out why, despite the COVID-19 emergency and the increased hardships, they are still hopeful of resuming education and finding dignified employment.

Sitio Marna is one of the communities that have been supported by the ‘One Bayanhian’ relief project led by FundLife and Bayanihan Mission. Since April 14th, the project has provided weekly food assistance for 423 households who have signed the ‘Pledge’ program to protect their neighbours by observing good hygiene and staying home.

For more information on the One Bayanihan project please email or visit;

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