Six people taken to hospital after ‘multiple’ people stabbed in North Vancouver

Six people have been taken to hospital after a stabbing incident on the North Shore, according to B.C. Emergency Health Services.

North Vancouver RCMP said on Twitter that multiple victims had been stabbed “within and outside” Lynn Valley Library.

One person is in custody after the incident, police said, adding that they believe there is only one suspect. The incident brought a massive police presence to the Lynn Valley Shopping Centre, and video from the scene shows officers arresting a man crossing the road shortly after the incident.

Shayla Dyson was at Browns Socialhouse at the time of the incident. She told CTV News Vancouver she remembers hearing a commotion outside the restaurant and looking up to see a man stabbing a woman.

Restaurant staff chased the assailant away and brought the woman inside, Dyson said.

“They had locked all the doors and they were trying to open it to get him to run away, which he did, and then they dragged her inside and her young kid too,” she said.

CTV News Vancouver has reached out to North Vancouver RCMP for more information and this story will be updated if and when a response is received.

Police, firefighters and paramedics all responded to the scene, and first responders could be seen providing care to an injured person on the floor of the Lynn Valley Library.

North Vancouver District Public Library tweeted that the branch would be closed for the rest of the day “due to an incident in the area.” The library did not describe the incident, but asked the public to avoid the a


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17 thoughts on “Six people taken to hospital after ‘multiple’ people stabbed in North Vancouver

  1. He was African. Bandaogo was his last name. "Black man stabs six white people" is not a good headline but if it was the other way around, it would be all over the news and be called a hate crime

  2. Ban knives !
    More people die every year from knives and blunt weapons than firearms. Please do something about bats and edged weapons !

  3. This is all bureaucrats' fault. All the Covid restrictions taking away people's liberty and human rights and making people live in police state, it's taking a toll on people's mental health. Vancouver is known for large number of residents having mental health crisis. Now it's getting worse.

  4. How many times are you going to read the same line over, and over, and OVER, AND OVER AGAIN?!? We get it "‘multiple’ people stabbed in North Vancouver" and it's even in the title.

  5. I live close to Lynn valley library and I was on vacation so my brother texted my parents oh there was a killer at the mall and he was in subway beside it when it happened now there is 9 insured and 1 dead so sad

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