Social Distancing and Shopping in Mae Sot, Thailand

With the recent easing of restrictions in Thailand, large shopping malls were allowed to reopen. The first day was on Sunday, and since it was the first day and a weekend, I figured it would be too busy, so I decided to wait and go check out the scene on Monday. I chose a new route through the city for my walk to Robinson Department Store and had some small adventures along the way.


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27 thoughts on “Social Distancing and Shopping in Mae Sot, Thailand

  1. You're always so positive! I love watching your videos. Keep them coming. Greetings from Yangon.

  2. i found ice trays at Mr. DIY shop,(25baht) check if you have one of those there. Have you used LAZADA? very easy online shopping and they have pay on delivery option. super easy to use and usually 3 day delivery.

  3. Really enjoy your vlogs. Different science states different things, here in the UK they say masks do not work! Of course, the UK is the worst country to be in at the moment. Jumping Places was fun to watch, however, unfortunately, since they are in the same place it is not so much fun. Hopefully, things will change soon.

  4. Hi Doug, regrading the disappointment of staying too long in vintage hotel, you said Owner of that hotel gave you assurance to stay as long as you can in height of this pandemic, yes current hotel is costlier or may be small compared to that green guest house but accepted you in crisis situation. Not saying you need to stick with vintage hotel, just checkout with satisfaction rather than disappointment.

  5. Have followed you many months. Re Canadian passport photo, you MUST use an approved by Embassy Photo Shop (get address from their website). They will comply with all requirements. There aren't many, e.g., Singapore has only two, I think! Another point: photocopy EVERY PAGE of your passport, for your own records; you will not get it back!! They can provide you with a letter confirming any valid visa, but you will not have the physical passport back! Believe me, it is annoying but I went through this last year in KL Good luck.

  6. There is a perfect explanation on why the land lady was unwilling to accept the one week + one month arrangement though it is exactly the same as one month + one week. In Thailand, they have their own way of doing things. I found that out about thirty years ago when we were visiting cousins for several weeks. I learned that they could be on a very different "system". We went to rent some VHS movies and found out, if you rent three movies, you can keep them for three days. That is not the case in N America where if you rent one or three movies, they all are still due in exactly one day from the day you rented them. In Thailand, particularly from that shop we rented the movies, you can keep the movies for N-number of days where N = number of movies you are renting. When you deviate from a method that they are accustomed to, they could be quite puzzled. Giving free service when you buy computer hardware is another unique custom in Thailand. If we operate like that in N America, both Bombardier and IBM would be bankrupt.

  7. Enjoyed the walk around town. My Girl tried her best to explains the QR Code they encountered yesterday. Listening to your explanation, it’s crystal clear. Your feeling of why did I not see this earlier, with regard to the Giets House, it’s natural, I guess, for us to feel this way. I felt like that the other day when I noticed the Price of a Bitcoin back in April of 2017, missed opportunities. It happens to each of us, nothing to be worried about or stay busy with, it is what it is. I like the Hotel you stay in and for me, I would not change the venue. For it takes too long to get comfortable in a strange place, I would not move.

  8. Wow, such philosophical remarks, in daylight and with a tummy full of bubble tea!

    I don't know if anyone is ever truly Happy. Perhaps the best we can hope for is to be mostly contented, with pain being absent 80% of the time. Maybe the person who's been unwilling to change his life to pursue happiness is actually smart: being settled in the familiar peace of discontentment can be preferable to suffering daily through the sharp pain of terrible life choices. I think this opinion would be unpopular with brave romantics, but there it is.

  9. For the cameras you use, you don’t need one of the high end editing machines. I guess anything with 8 GB Ram and a decent graphic card should be fine for you.

  10. Since you were an English teacher, which one is the most appropriate. Social distancing or physical distancing?

  11. Hi Doug, interesting to hear your philosophy on happiness and unhappiness! I couldn't agree with you more! It is true people tend to get habitual to being unhappy or become addicted to the feeling of guilt/regret after making wrong choices…and then keep on doing wrong things even if we are fully aware of what is the right thing to do. Everybody makes choices every day, big or small, knowingly or unknowingly. Even small choices like ..what time to get up in the morning, which food to eat, etc… collectively make quite a big difference in life eventually! I have been very lazy since the lock down, although I have got a lot stuffs to settle… cannot pull myself up and do something productive, making myself miserable. Becoming a vicious cycle! Too bad! Anyway to make the right choices and to be happy is still on my card!😀
    Btw, did you keep your bubble tea cup? Why don't you try making ice with that while waiting for the proper ice cube tray.😀

  12. Life is a sum of all our choices. We do choose how we shall live – a happy or unhappy life. Yes, progress can only occur when we are courageous and skilful enough to seize any opportunity to change things for the better. The ultimate goal in everyone is to be really happy and spread happiness to others. Then we truly live.

  13. It's probably because they (me too actually) are in their comfort zone. As they say, the magic happens "out there".

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