16 thoughts on “Stakeholder Capitalism in the Middle East and North Africa (Option 1) | DAVOS AGENDA 2021

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  2. Nobody trusts you, the governments, the corporations, the pharmaceuticals and especially the banks.
    You have been corrupting the world for years.
    It’s like being in an abusive relationship and the abusers saying we going to do better things….
    problem is nobody trusts anyone once they have abused them

  3. “Carbon footprint” notice the use of the word FOOTPRINT. And what are humans deduced to when we die? CARBON?

    So when they say we need to reduce our CARBON FOOTPRINT…. can anyone see what they really mean? 💉 = 💀? Removing Carbon “FOOTPRINTS” 🤨

  4. 'stakeholder' meaning if you don't have access to fiat currency issued by the old boys at the central bank, you aint got shit and your vote doesn't matter.

  5. By ‘Stakeholder’ they mean all those heads of governments and companies who have signed onto the great reset. ie: the totalitarian slavery world ruled by AI, tech and robots which is coming

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