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This is our walkthrough of the Marketplace at Steamtown, formerly the Steamtown Mall in Scranton, PA from September 14, 2020. This is a mall we have covered before, and figured it was time for an update. This mall has not weathered the health crisis well. It was already a notorious dead mall, covered by all the big names in the scene, but things have gotten pretty dire lately. The mall bills itself now as a mixed-use center on its website. It’s the main first thing they want you to see visiting their site nowadays. We visited in the fall of 2020 and they were obviously working on a large portion of the downstairs Boscov’s wing for conversion into a different purpose, likely part of the mixed-use format they were referring to on the site. Almost all of both floors sit empty, with a community college taking up residence in the former Bon-Ton anchor pad, a Crunch Fitness in the old Boscov’s Furniture anchor spot, and only a few inline spots mostly near the Boscov’s left. The level of vacancy here is troubling, and leads us to wonder how it is possible to keep this place open.

Songs used in this video (in order):

Jack Trombey – Black Rose
Steve Gray – Place To Place
Rino De Filippi – Nella Sera
Philharmonic 2000 – Moonshine
Brian Bennett – Discovery
David Marriott, Jr. – On the Seventh Day
Steve Gray – Wonder Groove
Steve Gray – Reach Out

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I’d like to say a few words about being an ambassador to your local malls. We have been taking the time to visit all the malls within a reasonable driving distance to check up on them and see how they are doing. Also filming an updated video every year or so, regardless of the lack of many changes, just so there is a video record of the health over time. We think this is an important thing to keep tabs on, especially in these wildly turbulent times. The current health emergency has accelerated the impending Retail Apocalypse we’ve all been talking about these last several years. This was already a big problem, but the shutdowns and restrictions have made the issue 5x worse and likely hastened the death of the enclosed shopping mall.

I know we’ve all been on pins and needles wondering how bad the fallout is going to be from all of this.

There really is no way to know exactly unless we ALL go and do our small part to make it known how it turns out. I implore you, if you have the means to pick an area you would like to be an ambassador for, and go document your local malls. Whatever your medium, it doesn’t matter, any and all documentation is necessary and vital in this day and age. Whether it be on Social Media, Flickr, Youtube, any platform gets it out there and preserves it for posterity. We can’t paint this picture unless we all grab a brush…


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7 thoughts on “Steamtown Mall (2020 Update!)(The Marketplace at Steamtown) – Raw & Real Retail

  1. Hey there! You should really check out the Meriden mall in Meriden ct. it’s not doing so good. It lost two anchors got sold to some lame company and more stores close every other week! Would be cool to see a video that hits close to home

  2. The pandemic really hit this mall. A lot of the vendors in the food court/marketplace have permanently closed. I stopped in early January of this year on a Monday evening. At that point there were only 8 stores open on the main level and even less on the second floor. It was a true ghost town. There appears to be construction for more doctor offices. As you showed in the video the door to the rail yard has been closed for over a year now. It’s such a stark contrast to what this mall used to be. The other two malls in the surrounding area really hurt Steamtown. I’ll be interested to see what the future holds.

  3. This mall looks so depressing, I’m kinda surprised that some stores are still on the 1st floor, but when you go up to the 2nd floor, there’s nothing there, this mall looks very depressing and got hit very hard.


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