Teenage Prayer Reunion – Avenues Mall Kuwait II Episode 4

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another Teenage Prayer video. This video is a short montage of what we did during our time in the mall. We finally reunite and meet again after around five months of quarantine due to COVID-19. We have a new guest in this video, and his name is Giorgio, but he goes by the name “Kenju”. We recommend you to check his videos out! The Teenage Prayer family wants to thank all of you for 60 Subscribers. Your support for us means the world! We promise to strive to create and bring in more videos for you to enjoy. Thank you again for watching this video. Give this video a like if you enjoyed what you saw. Comment down below what you thought about the video, and tell us what type of videos you want to see more of from us. God bless you all, and have an amazing day!
– Elyon Suyektiawan (Co-founder)

Song used: Marsh, Lola. “Something Stupid.” Madison Gate Records, 2018, Genius, genius.com/Lola-marsh-something-stupid-lyrics

Elyon Suyektiawan

Ghaith Kaasamani

Jadoun Bhatti

Yousef Kirolos

Giorgio Tarigan

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