The Streets of Cairo – El Korba → Nasr City (El Ahly Club), (8km/5mi), Time Lapse, Egypt 🇪🇬

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Welcome to my ride from El Korba to Nasr City, here as time lapse with ambient music. If you like to watch the ride in “real time” you find the link right below. I hope you enjoy this trip.
Trip in real time:

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My equipment:
Camera: GoPro 7 Black
Camera holder: GoPro Suction Cup
Laptop: Acer Predator Triton 500
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) I7-10750 CPU @ 2.60GHz
Random Access Memory (RAM): 32GB
Video Editing Program: Cyberlink PowerDirector 18

El Korba
The best quality of life in Cairo is not to be found in its glitzy but homogeneous satellite towns but in the old-fashioned charm of El Korba. Founded early last century by a Belgian baron, it combines Islamic and Art-Deco architecture with good local shops and a strong sense of community.

Nasr City (Madinet Nasr)
Nasr City is a district of Cairo, Egypt.It is located to the east of the Cairo Governorate and consists mostly of condominia. It was established in the 1960s as an extension to neighboring settlement of Heliopolis. The establishment of the district was part of the Egyptian Government’s plan to modernise and expand Cairo following the Egyptian Revolution of 1952. Gamal Abdel Nasser,the Egyptian President at the time, was involved personally in the design process, and was the one who chose the name Nasr for the new district (“nasr” being the Arabic word for “victory”).During the early stages of the project it was envisioned that it would constitute a new capital city.Now, Nasr City is extremely crowded, much more than was expected from the creation of the district, because of Egyptian families relocating to the district and also because of Somali and South Sudanese immigration to areas of Nasr City such as Hay El Asher (10th Neighbourhood).

It is the largest district in Cairo, occupying nearly 250 km² of the capital’s total area of 1,445 km². For this reason, it is divided into 10 sub-districts, of which numbers 6-10 are called by their respective numbers and the first 5 are called by their names.It has a modern road system, and grid street system, which stands in contrast to the narrow winding streets of much of Old Cairo. Tram system partly serve Nasr City. Also, other forms of transportation exist in Nasr City, including minibuses, microbuses (share taxis), and tuk-tuks (in the 10th district of Nasr City).

Nasr City has a large concentration of shopping malls (Genena Mall, Tiba Outlet Mall, City Center, Serag Mall, City Stars, Suncity Mall. There are eight shopping malls in the area,where City Star is one of the largest malls in Egypt, most of which were opened in the late 1990s.There was a dramatic growth of shopping malls in the neighborhood, and they were generally more successful than similar enterprises in other parts of Cairo.One of the main reasons for the success of these commercial centers is the simple grid environment of Nasr City.The district has no town/city center and consists of long, wide streets,with roundabouts, and perpendicular streets.

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