The Undertaker's most supernatural moments – WWE Playlist

In a career spanning over three decades, The Demon of Death Valley has had more than his fair share of spine-chilling moments of supernatural phenomena in WWE.
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50 thoughts on “The Undertaker's most supernatural moments – WWE Playlist

  1. My dad took us to see WWF when we were 7 or 8 I was so scared I cried when he came out on a side note I seen Rick flares thong when jake the snake pulled down his pants lol thanks dad for my love WWF aka wwe

  2. Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle was so entertaining,just looking at his faces,it was so funny,omg!!! if I could see him again making his funny faces.
    Thank you,R.I.P. Paul.

  3. The Undertaker, he's my favorite wrestler since I was a little boy… Even his theme still giving me a goosebumps

  4. If i was in the front row, I would secretely bring a night vision camcord and record Undertaker gingerly positioning himself

  5. Rainy day: ok maybe not so much thunder

    Undertaker: no what let’s have some fun

    Still under taker: *makes thunder

    Rainy day: really can you live without thunder for a day

  6. Roman it will always and forever be the undertaker, the Deadman yard no matter what. You may play in it but the yard belongs to the undertaker .

  7. The undertaker would never make it nowadays with those lights on and off to deceive kid's in thinking he's got super powers in arenas . These kid's be having smartphones they would see right through it with a camera torch cause they're always recording. Good thing they put him on when we had dummy phones and flip phones. He would have never been a conversation. Much respect to the dead man. 👏

  8. All superstars are badass. But this guy the undertaker he is super badass. The song of undertaker is pretty scary. Every single superstars in wwe are afraid of him. All i wanna say is he is badass.

  9. How is it that the “Spirit of The Undertaker” promo from the Royal Rumble 1994 is not at the top of this list???

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