This Influencer Lost a Multi-Million Dollar Empire In a Fake Goods Scam

When China’s biggest live streamer was caught selling fake products his empire worth hundreds of millions of dollars came crashing down. Many people think of China when they think of fake products but what they may not know is that China’s government actually does fighting counterfeit products. In this video you will hear an incredible story that involves an influencer, a million dollars scam, a white knight who dedicated his life in busting corporations and…bird nest soup? Trust me, it will all make sense!


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This is Sara Jane Ho, expert of etiquette and founder of the Institute Sarita finishing school.

Etiquette combines charm and integrity. Knowing what to do in any situation gracefully is one of the most empowering things for a person: it means feeling capable and confident around other people. I grew up in China with my mother throwing dinners and parties at home; now I do the same. I like to create magic moments through entertaining, putting guests at ease.

As I travelled and immersed myself in different cultures, I discovered that people all over the world want to have a sense of belonging. I was a student at Harvard Business School and thinking about what I wanted to do in life, when it hit me: I had lost my mother to cancer, but I could keep her legacy alive by sharing the joy and love that she brought to others through entertaining. I took a leap of faith and opened the first finishing school for ladies in China in 2012. Today that leap of faith has grown into several thriving ventures.

As China opens its doors to the world, I want to continue elevating women and give them the tools to feel confident in any situation. This passion of mine has evolved into a business I want to continue nourishing and sharing with people around the world.


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