34 thoughts on “TIMELINE 1992 – Going back to the LA Riots, The Dream Team and Hurricane Andrew

  1. Thanks for helping me know I wasn't crazy and that the Olympics were held every 4 years, not every two…

  2. February 1992 I went to work in Disneyland Paris before the April opening on a six month contract and ended up staying for 7years

  3. I was 9 and I remember when Xmen came out and McDonald's did something so you could get a VHS of the 1st episode. I still have it.

  4. It's depressing to see that from 1992 to now, nothing much has changed with how blacks are treated by the police. If Chauvin isn't convicted, we'll have the 1992 riots all over again.

  5. Man, I was a year old February of this year. Ruby Ridge was a terrible mess, but one I can't say I'm surprised happened.

  6. The Pittsburgh Penguins would go on to defeat the Chicago Blackhawks to win their second consecutive Stanley Cup.

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