Tiny Holy Island. Enoshima | Walk Japan 2021[4K]

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This time, I walked in Enoshima island where is lovely small island. Since Enoshima is not so far from Tokyo, and I can go there within 2hours from my home, I visit Enoshima at least once a year😋🌞

Only a short train ride west of Kamakura, Enoshima is a pleasantly touristy island just off the coast but connected by bridge with the mainland. The island offers a variety of attractions, including a shrine, park, observation tower and caves. Views of Mount Fuji can be enjoyed on days with good visibility.

👀What is Enoshima

Enoshima, Kanagawa, Japan

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00:00 Beautiful Sea
06:30 Sea food
09:20 Precipitous cliff
16:20 Shrine
22:20 Main street

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