TỐI 23/3: Ông Trump lần đầu tiết lộ thông tin về lá thư viết cho ông Biden trước khi rời Tòa Bạch Ốc

BẢN TIN TỐI NAY (23/3) GỒM NHỮNG TIN CHÍNH NHƯ SAU: 1. Ông Trump liệt kê các ứng cử viên chất lượng cho tương lai của đảng Cộng hòa 2. Bộ trưởng …

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32 thoughts on “TỐI 23/3: Ông Trump lần đầu tiết lộ thông tin về lá thư viết cho ông Biden trước khi rời Tòa Bạch Ốc

  1. TRANG NHUNG CÔ CHAÚ GAÍ XỦỎ́NG NGÔN VIÊN dễ thủỏng * XINH ĐẸP TUYỆT VỎ̀I của NGỦ̀ỎI VIỆT HẢI NGOẠI – chúng tôi bái phục NGỦỎ̀I SINH THÀNH của CÔ nhiều lắm -**-ĐÃ tạo cho XÃ HỘI LOÀI NGỦỎ̀I DÂN VIỆT KHẮP MOỊ NỎI ĐỦỌ̉C HÀI LÒNG và ÁI MỘ TRANG NHUNG YÊU QÚÍ *nói năng nhẹ nhàng ĐẦY LỊCH LÃM VĂN HÓA VIỆT -TRANG PHỤC RẤT BẮT MẮT -TRANG ĐIỂM NHẸ NHÀNG cũng NHỦ NHỦ̃NG CÔ GÁI TRẺ CÙNG tuổi MÌNH – có gì đó khiến chúng tôi yêu quý ÁI MỘ cháu gái bên QUÊ NHÀ -nhủng chỉ đụ̉ỏc nghe tiếng chủ́ KHÔNG đối DIỆN NÀNG KIỀU bao giỏ̀** chân thành cảm ỏn GIA ĐÌNH BỐ MẸ nhiều * MỦ̀NG CHÚA PHỤC SINH vỏ́i đôi lỏ̀i CA TỤNG ĐẤNG TẠO HÓA đã ban một BÔNG HOA biết NÓI tiếng NGỦỎ̀I –*THANK YOU /**-JESUS ***ngày 25-3-2021 MỸ quốc-ghi ỏn –

  2. William P. Barr+Lindsey Graham,+Mitch McConnell+ DNI, John Ratcliffe+ Mike Pence you are cowards , the traitor , the treason. American history , never forget, and forgive you and curse you forever. Shame for you and your family,your childs

    William P. Barr +Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, DNI John Ratcliffe :, Mike Pence là những kẻ hèn nhát, những kẻ phản bội, những kẻ phản quốc. Lịch sử Hoa Kỳ, không bao giờ quên, và tha thứ cho các ông và nguyền rủa các ông mãi mãi. Nhục thay cho các ông và gia đình ,con cái các Ông

  3. 3/11/2020 is shame of USA's the judiciary system-–3/11/2020 là nỗi xấu hổ về hệ thống tư pháp của Hoa Kỳ.—- the Supreme Court Judge : Robert is dishonorable ,a ignominious of US justice shameless man —– Thẩm phán Tòa án Tối cao: Robert thật đáng khinh bỉ, một kẻ vô liêm sỉ trong tư pháp Hoa Kỳ

  4. hahahaha….chúng ta cần có 1 sách truyện vẽ hài về ông Tiến-Sĩ dốt Fauci…….chắc chắn là bán chạy lắm……

  5. huhuhhuhhuh…..nếu cu Joe mae6nh5 yểu thì nước Mỹ sẽ ra sao ?? liệu thiên-hạ có đồng-ý với một Nũ Tông-Tông đầu-tiên trong lịch-sử Mỹ ??Nếu khg. thì dân My sẽ làm gì ?? nếu có thì nước Mỹ sẽ ra sao ?? khg. lẽ cả nước phải tập ăn món Cari-Nị ?? lệu MỸ có đủ Dê khg.?? dù sao thì cũng tội-nghiệp cho giống Dê…..heheheeheehe….dê = 35…..dân-số Mỹ sẽ tắng cao kỷ-lục…….thế là đói…..đấy.

  6. … he's only miss stepped only three times in a roll 🥐…by the fakenewsjournalism in malpracticing's…and almost being gone with the strong wind…!
    "… It has to be all the legally voted ballots must be counted…!"
    … next… "so CM was the last of Mohican against the IA and the Military Tribunal System to get involve…!"
    … "Don't we all have been bitten by Biden's dogs 🐶🐕…yet…!?"
    … he just has to send his dogs 🐶🐕 home… and he'll be following them home 🏘️ sweet home 🏡 for good very soon…!
    … the 25th amendment is calling his name's… he has to be facing a triple whammy situations… first is the Election law's, secondly the criminals code and one of those lastly is his personal health condition's in both physically and mentally…
    … before you're a good party member… please try to be a good citizen first…!
    "… if the useless SC of 6/3 won't do it… then… the Mississippians and Michiganers will show US… All… the ways to final victory… a Nationwide's Recalling, Revoting, Recountings forensically, Revolting, Revolutionary opposition to the JRBjr's lawless regime… and the cronies Dems… with the fakenewsjournalism in cahoots with the antisocial media's in malpracticing's…! They'd had enough of 79% illegal fake voters, ballots, results…! Where's the rest of the Constitutional democratic republic of USA…!?"
    The NEA and ATF already paid for his presidency so they don't have to be in the classrooms nor being responsible for our and their children's education future… while they're taking paid vacation at their own homes or wherever they're all at…!
    Let's see… the short answer is the imbalance of power generators causes by the ERCOT and its affiliations… They just simply cannot do the winterization ❄️🥶 on those solar panels system and those windmills… nor can they do the rolling blackouts while loosing power generators left and right…now…! all Texans are praying real hard for the global warming coming soon…so those Green windmills and solar panels may be unfreezing… hopefully they'll be working again… otherwise they'll have to deploy all of those defrosters and deicers to rescue green energy apparatus one's ASAP…!
    Their numbers are off, their combinations are very badly assuming…They must be investigated… ASAP…and may need to do away with them worthless organization political driven…!
    We shouldn't do the deregulation and turn around let ERCOT to regulate US… All… back into the so call green renewable energy sources…!
    ERCOT must be responsible for damages cause by lost power supply to all citizens… they are ineffective unreliable inefficient… not trust worthy…!

    … bye bye… AC you can follow Newsom's foot 👣 steps… and your choices are cleared: resign, recall, impeach, imprisonments, fines, etc. or any combination thereof… BTW you also need to return the undeserving Emmy's…!
    "… JRBjr… he's talking some snow ❄️ flakes day off… and in the La La land … nowadays…!"
    … RINOs what can you do without DJT…huh!? Hopefully the weather ☁️🌡️ won't be effected the SC's scheduled dockets for US… All…!

    RIP… "El Rushbeau…you're sorely missed…! Thank you 💓 God's taking back the on loan one's 💕…!"

    … let's those Guardsmen go home 🏠 sweet home 🏡…!

    "… the USA SP JD please hurry up on whatever you do for US… All…!"
    Thank you… The constitutional democratic republic of USA…!
    The impeachment is a double edges sword 🗡️ it should be cutting both sides and all directions…!
    "… not guilty as charged… it's highly dramatization manipulative unprecedented and mostly unconstitutional… regardless…!"
    … as far as we can see… pant's on fire 🔥… Who really wanted those objections to stop 🛑…on its track…!?
    Let's see…the evidence in the entirety with the time lapse stamped not the edited version to carry on your narrative one's…!
    … it's more likely a kangaroos' 🦘 court aka the swampy creatures show and tell…!
    "… they just simply cannot impeach the constitutional speeches… It's unconstitutional…! The gigantic stimulus package will be on our back and our children's children too… for a long time to come… Since this expenditure bill was generated from the Senate… it's unconstitutional…! Thank the Supreme Court so we may not have to wait till next election cycle… Just keep every single legally voted ballots must be counted… properly…!"
    God bless US… All…!
    "… they arrested the hired mover for Airforce-1's new extra extremely expensive on 30 minutes flight ✈️ time… the untold story is he does want to celebrate his son's birthday and watching the Superbowl LV… in his home 🏡 from the temporary home… before all bad things gonna happen to all of them…!"
    Thank you iAngle… the BLM aka Biden's Loyalist Mobs… must be dealing with properly…!

    AF need to explain all about his funding in 2015 to WVI for the research "The Corona Virus Functions on Bats…! He'll also advice differently to different people at different time…!"
    So we should have a choice of impeachment… the current or the ex… Prezs whether very well death or still alive…!? MS NP is becoming the professional impeacher in malpractice… in history!?
    Can it's be 2024 now or very soon….!?
    "… in the name of adjudication… they'd change any ballots at will…! One man one vote… Just following the paper trails of real legally voted ballots and monies… so we shall see what we shall see what's happening to US… All… very soon…!"
    … who really wanted those objections to stop… the attacked was well done planning in advance… and conveniently turn around blame DJT…!
    If the MAGA would leave GOP then you shall have a minority status permanently…!
    "Let's 'ASSUME'… the nice guys finish last… may be the military didn't want to do the IA plus NSPM-13 in the combinations…. it's too late now… the quickest way to make a come back is to have properly counts and recounts audit's all legally voted ballots…also litigate the unconstitutional aspects of the 2020 elections… ASAP…now! That's all folk…!"
    JRBjr's ER…
    The most important policies are making CCP responsible for their own actions and create the new coalitions of IndoPacific to counter the forever expansions of CCP PLA and their cronies thought out the free world 🌎…
    "… and those many flags are symbolize the phantomas and death's voters … make no mistakes… this is a 4+ years coupe d'état project against the DJT's presidency…! BHO, JRBjr and HRC started… with the DNC's leadership…
    … Welcome to the newly established Fort Washington, DC… and being staffing by those 'Capitol's Revolutionary Guards aka non-National Guards'…!"
    This is NOT American way nor American justice system and mostly unconstitutional acts…
    Declassify, declassify, declassify all…so we're all shall see what we shall see what's happening to US… All… very soon…! The secret meetings at the WH on January 5th, 2017…thank to S. Rice's infamous CVA email to herself at 12:15 PM on January 20th, 2017…she must be on her overtime for the last time…!
    … aren't these bad actors / actresses from the same those forces A… and B… of whom have done $ billions damages…last summer…!? They'd attacked the CHB way before DJT is finishing up his speech…!
    … the ObamaSpyGateMovie.com …is here!

    … and the ObamaGateMovie.com …too!

    … The last solution is to combine the NSPM-13 of 2018 and…

    '… Inresurrection Act of 1807… has been used so many times before already… and its meaning is not 'Resurrection' but anti rioting's, raise up against government, mutants, coupe d'état, rebellious, etc.'

    "… Just slap the RICO fullest on these BTechs… don't let them shielded behind the special section of the rule 230 CDA … Let's fine them first then break them up likes the Ma Bell's once was…!"
    "… RIP… those free and fair elections in the land of the frees and the home 🏡 of the braves… hopefully it won't be forevermore… it's all up to you and yours… onwards…!"

    "… the left was almost successfully move their old own CHAZ of Washington into Washington DC… Don't y'all see that…!?" 

    ISLUT… ICR… NSPM-13…AI vs IA… BBBa…etc.

    The USA isn't a just formalities nation and US Congresses aren't just a bunch of the highest paying humanoids' rubber stamps… The wills of the phantomas and death's voters are remaining unknown and JRBjr. cannot possible to get their signatures irreconcilable…so therefore his voters cannot be found anywhere… except on those tombstones…! "RINOs… What would you do if you're in the DJT's shoes 👟👟…!?"
    … Examining Irregularities in the 2020 Election… https://youtu.be/fq8OPTIEf2U 
    "Defending the “Defender in Chief”: John Yoo on Trump’s Fight for Presidential Power" on YouTube https://youtu.be/RnPpIlhh16I
    TNTC 20-12 | Joe Biden ‘kẻ giả danh ‘ lên ngôi https://youtu.be/pURHIos6pi0
    "… shall we get a new FISA courts manager!?
    "The RoT Republic of Texas https://youtu.be/_zA4Ge1C3xY
    "… on the CCPvirus we do have a very good choice whether we'll have to get rid of one first or both at the same time… If we're playing our cards right, we just may be able to liberating all of the Chinese and its occupied territories from CCP and PLA of PRC…very soon now… God's willing…!?"



    China (aka Trung Quốc…) https://depts.washington.edu/chinaciv/1xarzhou.htm
    ROC (aka Trung Hoa…under Ming dynasty) https://depts.washington.edu/chinaciv/1xarming.htm
    PRC (aka Trung Cộng… without 9 dashes line…) https://depts.washington.edu/chinaciv/1xarprc1.htm


  7. Hoan-Hô các người trẻ-đẹp thông-tin chính-xác và trung-thực …..hoan-hô Đài ……tui nay chỉ nghe tin của Đài này thôi……vì nghe tin nhưng khg. tức.hahahah…..kakakak….kakkakak

  8. Các truyền thông dòng chính Facebook Twitter YOUTUBE Washington Post News CNC MSNBC NBC AMOS POLITICO bọn truyền thông này đã bị Trung Quốc mua chụp hết rồi nên đã cùng nhau bịt miệng của TT Trump lại vì TT Trump đã thắng ngày 3/11/2020 rồi với 75 triệu phiếu bầu mà người dân Mỹ đã bầu cho TT Trump

  9. Giáo Sư Trần đã bị Trung Quốc Tập Cận Bình bị bắt vì nói lên sự thật về Virus cúm Vũ Hán gây chết người thì liền bị Trung Quốc Tập Cận Bình bắt nhốt vào tù cũng như nó đã giết Bác Sỹ Lý Văn Lượng để bịt đầu mối về dịch bệnh Vũ Hán chết người

  10. Facebook đã quảng cáo bán tóc của những người Duy Ngô Nhĩ mà Tập Cận Bình giết chết để lấy gan và thận đem bán bây giờ còn bán luôn tóc của những người Duy Ngô Nhĩ mà Trung Quốc Tập Cận Bình đã giết

  11. Biden còn mở cửa cho bọn phập cư vào Mỹ và còn kêu bọn phập cư vào thẳng nước Mỹ

  12. Tổng Thống Trum vĩ đại Ông lường trước và nhận định mọi việc tốt nhất cho nước Mỹ người dân Mỹ Beden gian lận bầu cử đánh cắp Tổng Thống làm cho nước Mỹ đen tối Beden không khả năng trong mọi lĩnh vực nhất là sức khỏe giới truyền thông bù nhìn trước sự thật Beden còn ngày nào nước Mỹ càng đen tối các bang khác hãy thực hiện như Taxax giúp nước Mỹ trở lại vĩ đại Tổng Thống Trum vĩ đại mãi trong lòng người dân nước Mỹ và Thế Giới



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