Top 20 Facts About SONG JI HYO: Childhood, Career And Personal Life

Top 20 Facts About Song Ji Hyo: Childhood, Career And Personal Life

Song Ji-hyo is a South Korean model and actress. She dreamed of making a name in the show business since her high school days, and against all odds, she managed to achieve her dreams. She is presently one of the most well known film and TV actress in South Korea. She made her acting debut with a cameo appearance in the TV series ‘Age of Innocence’ in 2002 and in the very next year, she was seen in the film ‘Whispering Corridors: Wishing Stairs’. The historical Television series ‘Jumong’, which went on-air in 2006 made her a household name in South Korea and opened her ways to do more dreamy roles in films and TV. She displayed her wide range of acting skills in both the serious roles and dramatic roles equally. Her sex comedy film ‘Sex is Zero 2’ was a success, so was her historical epic ‘Frozen Flower’. For her television stints ‘Emergency Couple’ and ‘Running Man’, she was adorned with several drama awards well. Presently, she is working on her next film ‘Wind Wind Wind’ and keenly anticipating the release of her TV series ‘Chief B and the Love Letter’.

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  1. Please check your facts before posting a video like this. I'm a big fan of Song Ji Hyo. There are quite a lot of misinformation here. For example, she does not have an older sister, she does have a yeo dongsaeng. Her younger brother aspires to be actor, not a model.

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  5. Hope her career continue growing and could find a really great partner life who treats her as she deserve. Unnie saranghae, fighting!!!!!

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