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Drones are cool. Really cool. Not only can they do awesome tricks and stunts – if you know how to handle the unique controls – but they can also capture awesome video footage. You know all those overhead shots of city skyscrapers and highways in your favorite movies? Yup, 9 out of 10 times that footage had been shot with a drone. And that’s why today B Force brings to you the 5 Scariest and Most Chilling Things Caught By Drones! Before we get started with today’s video don’t forget to click the bell to get notified every single day with the best Tops you’ll ever see! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel! Let’s get rolling!

#5 Thieves Oklahoma residents used a drone to help catch burglars, and the pictures are pretty incredible. Micah Perkins noticed suspicious activity at his neighbor’s house so he went and got his drone in hopes of being able to assist. A man and a woman were in the middle of burglarizing a home when the man noticed the drone hovering overhead. Once he saw the machine he immediately took off running, leaving the young lady behind. The drone was able to capture the license plate of the car, plus other pictures that detailed the woman’s entire face. At the time of this video these suspects are still at large!

#4 Practice Makes Perfect Wisconsin police and fire departments have invested in a drone program, and the results could be very impactful. In a test run ran by the departments some very useful information was discovered by the drones, and could lead to saving lives. Watch as a downed firefighter can be seen in this demonstration. The police chief claims that the drones have come into use in several situations that have allowed scenes to be analyzed without putting human lives in direct danger. It also has aided in a controlled search of a large fire at the Beaver Dam. The program is a costly one, but one that could be very fruitful, and don’t be surprised if you see more stories like this in the future.

#3 Shopping Mall Ablaze A shopping mall in Russia’s Kemerovo had a fire break out in March of 2018. It was fatal for at least 53 people. There is still no official information as to the cause of the fire that happened in Winter Cherry shopping mall, but some reports claim that it could’ve been started by a child that was playing with a lighter. An incredible amount of pure black smoke bellows from the rooftop of the mall as the drone pans around and capture different angle. To know the horrifying events taking place inside the building as the video rolls is an eerie feeling, and us here at Top 5 Supreme has every victim and family member of this horrific accident in our thoughts and prayers.

#2 Drones Save Lives A couple of teenagers in Australia were losing a fight with dangerous waves back in January of 2018. The lifeguard on duty – who was ironically entrenched in the middle of a drone training session – immediately sprang into action. He grabbed the controls of their unique rescue drone out overhead of the swimmers. Within a minute he dropped down a self-inflating rescue pod into the water. The boys were then able to use the pod to safely swim back to shore, where they arrived unharmed. Incredible!

#1 Naughty Shark So who wants to go to the Bahamas?! Well, I did, until I saw this next video. A boy is swimming in some water on the beach, and footage captured by a drone caught a small school of sharks swimming directly in the direction of the boy! The child is only out of danger when someone shouts a warning to him and he goes running for the shore. Look at how close they were to him? This is definitely a situation that could’ve turned very bad at a moment’s notice. Good thing though that this boy, and his family, didn’t have much to worry about on this day! So, how cool are drones?


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