4 thoughts on “Tri-City Mall (Forest City, NC) – Raw & Real Retail

  1. Tri City Mall is located along Alternate US 74 in Forest City, NC which would be approximately halfway between Charlotte and Asheville. Tri City Mall had an abandoned look to it in the area between the Belk and the Roses Store. There were a few stores which appeared to be barely hanging on and it looked as though there hadn't been any upkeep in years. It looks like ownership is waiting to pull the plug and doesn't want to put any resources into it. The partial roof looked odd. I imagine that this was an outdoor shopping plaza at one time and then it was decided to build a canopy over the sidewalk near the stores but leave the space in the center open. Roses is a chain of discount department stores based in North Carolina which is primarily in the Southeast but in recent years they have added some stores in Pennsylvania and in Ohio and Indiana.

  2. If I had a mansion or a villa, I would want a courtyard that looks just like the mall's interior.
    Down to the lamps and that pink & teal green tile motif.

  3. Wow. A Roses. And a Belk. Stores from my childhood, since I was born in NC, and moved to NJ when I was 10. Didnt think they were still around. Thanks for this. Used to beg my parents for Transformers back then in the local Roses in Vance County.

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