21 thoughts on “Trying Out NEW MAKEUP 💛 | Julia Adams

  1. If she says that powder is amazing it’s not…I returned mine. Probably one of the worst powders I’ve ever used

  2. BEAUTIFUL 😍 I love this look!! I always find yellow eyeshadow is intimidating and you made it looks so simple!

  3. Julia: ….to help the juice come out the tip
    Me: chokes on my blueberry Greek yogurt at lunch in my car 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Felt tip liners only work past a day if you can redip it into the liquid. The only felt tip I liked ever was the Maybelline stiletto one, that’s a great beginner friendly liner

  5. I love this look so much😩 it’s so summery and with the lighting at the end, it’s e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g😍

  6. I feel ad for your injured Limoncello Palette. 😕 The shimmer shades you lost were some of the prettiest ones, especially the duo chrome one. I hope they send you a replacement so you get to try them!

  7. The iconic london liquid highlighter is the only one I’ve liked enough to keep. I got it in a boxycharm a while ago but I love it during the summer. I like to put it on my body too

  8. i forgot about the iconic london brand WHOT!!!!!! where have they been? but im gonna buy one of those cheek blushes!!!

  9. This look is so gorgeous – the blush 😍 the colourpop palette is the first one I've considered picking up since the sweet talk palette but worried it wouldn't get to the UK in one piece! I love the packaging and the colour story x

  10. I am having such a crap day today and your video with all your calmness has cheered me up no end… love your videos and thoughts on makeup… thank you.

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