Uzbekistan: Old World Meets New World (from Siyab Bazaar to a modern fashion show!)

Reuniting with old friends, making new ones, sightseeing in the ancient cities of Samarkand and Tashkent, and dancing in nightclubs takes Mickela on a journey through time! Featuring the Siyab Bazaar and other local markets in Uzbekistan and a modern fashion show in Tashkent!

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38 thoughts on “Uzbekistan: Old World Meets New World (from Siyab Bazaar to a modern fashion show!)

  1. Ким айтади анаву найновви Узбек деб ошшиям шунака ейдими мол, бизда хечким кулидаги овкат колдигини лаганга ташамейди, кулингдан келмаса кошикда егин уят уят

  2. گرچه خودم ترك تبار هستم اما بايد قبول
    كرد كه تيمور لعنتي ترين چهره تاريخ
    Timor Lang the most notorious person in our history
    He did countless bad thing to the people on that time.

  3. I am an Uzbek from Afghanistan and planning to visit Uzbekistan next month. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video with us. and one more thing ! You look absolutely gorgeous in those Uzbek traditional outfites 🙂

  4. Hi Mickela
    I got excited while watching your trip videos in our country. We are really happy to share our hospitality to around the world. Your post and memories you have shared , will help people to get ideas and what our country looks like! We hope you will visit our country soon and learn Lazgi dance and getting master level of it!

  5. lovely Uzbekistan. nice people's of Uzbekistan. 6 years spent in Novoi. my favourite city is Bukhara and Tashkent. thanks for videos

  6. The last music was Azeri (Azerbaijani) Ashiq song :))) Did not expect to hear it in this video :))) Nice surprise though :)))

  7. i am sorry if i am hurting uzbek feelings , when i heard silk road and rajasthani square i came to stitch the architecture came from or copied from in those days …..through out the silk road you can actually see this architecture

  8. I'm so glad you felt that way – hoping to make everyone feel like they are right there 🙂 And thank you for watching!!

  9. It's almost like being there! I would really appreciate the art and architecture if I ever saw it in person! Thanks for sharing this!

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