Vaughan Mills Mall, Toronto, Canada January 21, 2021

hello everyone, this video shows the Vaughan Mills Mall during Stay_home order, its unbelievable dead actually there is No one in the mall. it is so scary to see all of the business like that ,hopefully everything gets better soon .

This was recorded in January 21, 2021
Today temeturate is 2°C

I hope you will like it! And THANK YOU for all your comments! I feel overwhelmed by all your love every time I make a new video. Thank you for taking the time to write and share.
Much love to you all! ♥

Vaughan Mills is a regional outlet mall located at the southeast corner of Highway 400 and Rutherford Road, in Vaughan, Ontario, just south of Canada’s Wonderland. It is one of the largest enclosed shopping centres in Canada, and the largest shopping mall in York Region with almost 1.3 million square feet (120,000 m2) of retail space. The complex has over 200 retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment outlets.

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25 thoughts on “Vaughan Mills Mall, Toronto, Canada January 21, 2021

  1. Hey if you're reading this and you're down, alone even with people. Trying to do something to support yourself, people around. But if you're watching these videos for inspiration to not feel it that much. Remember in reality, try and earn some money and pray everyday. Don't give that up, much love to you 🙏🏾💓💯.

  2. Zombie apocalypse. Like a first person shooter. I’m just waiting for one to appear around the next corner.
    Oh wait, mainstream media is already feeding on all the brains.

  3. Thank you for offering us such beautiful walks each time. It is always a pleasure to watch them !
    Merci beaucoup Toronto walk and drive ! 😁

  4. Since there are no shoppers it would have been more interesting if you had shown us more of the merchandise in the stores. We, in the small towns, like to see what is available in the big cities. At times, but not all the time, it would be fun to compare some of the prices of what's available elsewhere. We might be close or far from the big city but we're curious about what's available elsewhere. I enjoyed that walk anyways. Cheers!

  5. I wonder how business is at the VR arcade. Seems pretty quiet compared to NASCAR speed park(anyone remember that place?)

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