VHS DEAD MALL SERIES 80s MALL: Mall of the Bluffs Time Capsule | Episode 2 – Happier Times

Mall of the Bluffs in the 80’s! Mall Christmas time in the 1980s… on VHS! 80s mall!

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Thanks for watching and thanks to StormWulf!

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23 thoughts on “VHS DEAD MALL SERIES 80s MALL: Mall of the Bluffs Time Capsule | Episode 2 – Happier Times

  1. KB Toys ❤️

    So many good memories of that store. Used to go there every time we went to the mall to play with the rolly weasel ball thing.

    And the arcade! Oh, that was before Aladdin's Castle moved in!

  2. I've watched several of your vids, and really diggin the style at which your vids are done is really good ! Liked, StaySafe

  3. Oh my goodness!! The Country store! In my young child memories, I remember that store as being GIANT and I have memories of there being an upstairs… which isn't really possible in this mall but it's in the memories forever.

  4. Those days where the mall had a lot more people were great but looking at that now the mall is unfortunately dead a huge difference

    EDIT:Crossroads is being demolished and redeveloped just needed to point out some breaking news

  5. Love these videos. But unfortunately every 2 mins of this 11 min video it was rudely interrupted with annoying commercials. This hasn't happened before with your other videos. I hope you are getting paid for that.

  6. I just saw recent news about Crossroads Mall last night. They announced they'll be closing thier doors permanently.

  7. I wish there were footage of Southroads Mall in any form, but especially during Christmas in the 70s. That’s when I was growing up and some of my favorite memories were of going Christmas shopping there.

  8. Something curious I just discovered is that Mall of the Bluffs may have had a Sister Mall. Take a look at http://thepinesmall.com/. Built roughly around the same time as Mall of the Bluffs. I don't know if General Growth had a hand in developing that one, I mean I would assume it did but this mall aesthetics look very similar.

  9. 87 was the year I was born! I sometimes wish I could travel back to that time and just walk around for a few hours.

  10. I only got to see this mall in its last month. How cool to see it thriving. Holidays at malls are my favorite and so full of nostalgia. I love it.

  11. Glad that some of my archival footage came to good use eventually. Sorry for all the "camera shake and quick panning". Wasn't easy trying to get footage onto video with a huge bulky VHS camcorder (https://tinyurl.com/wdgk2lm ) while trying to keep any eye out for Security who would stop everything.

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