50 thoughts on “VIETNAM | an AMAZING RESORT in the CITY of Ho Chi Minh | Anniversary | 2021 Travel Vlog #27 | NEXT

  1. Happy Anniversary & pleasant stay in HCM,glad to see you guys no need to wear mask👍🏻👏🏻Cool,enjoy,cheers😆

  2. I saw your wedding video. Very beautiful!Gorgeous Disney princess marrying her prince. Congrats on your anniversary.

  3. I’m new to your channel, but I’m loving it so far. Thanks for sharing this experience with us. Happy anniversary, and I look forward to your future videos!

  4. Bloopers Were Funny. Room Looked Great In The Resort. I Think My Favorite Part Was When Christine Took A Sip Of Your ( Chris ) Sour Drink & Her Face Reaction Said It ALL. I Think You Said WOW Over 20 Times & Sorry To Say I Lost Count. I Wish You Both A 2ND Happy Anniversary, Really Enjoyed Video

  5. I lost count cuz there were simply too many WHOAS! 😂. I can see why this place exceeded your expectations. The Resort looks amazing and you got your money from your breakfast 😋. This place is a gem for a short getaway from the noisy and bustling city. Once again Congratulations C&C on your 2nd Anniversary. Hope you enjoyed your special day! You deserve it! 💝

  6. For a large heavily populated city, this is a great place for a quick getaway. Looks as if it's 3 hours away. What a great find. Absolutely love how they built around those old banyan trees instead of just cutting them down.

  7. How many WOW's? Well I took a sip of my wine for every WOW and have two empty wine bottles NEXT to me😂😂😂 Enjoyed this video so much💕💕💕 Well done 👏👏 Love you 2💞

  8. Thanks for sharing your anniversary with us that place was phenomenal 😍😊 hope you guys enjoyed your anniversary ……when I get a chance to come back to Vietnam I’ll have to book that place a couple of nights for myself

  9. Yeah, that was a lot of Wows!! Haha. Did you guys stay only 1 night? There doesn’t appear to be much to do at the resort?!

  10. Nếu có thể. Bạn hãy thử rủ rê thêm những người bạn bè của 2 bạn đến Việt Nam đi

  11. Hôm nay tôi bận nhiều việc. nên vào like video chậm. Vừa rồi thấy thông báo. nhưng giờ tôi mới xem được. chúc 2 bạn có ngày nghỉ vui vẻ và hạnh phúc

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