Vietnamese Reacts to "7 Things NOT to Do in Vietnam"

Today, I will react to a video called “7 things not to do in Vietnam” as a Vietnamese person. I’m curious to see what you should not do in Vietnam. Let’s find out!
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45 thoughts on “Vietnamese Reacts to "7 Things NOT to Do in Vietnam"

  1. E gai quan ba Viet Nam minh ra nuoc ngoai la rat tot..ok em gai..y nghia day..nhieu nguoi Viet Nam minh chua hieu cai cach of e gai thuc hien ve chu de youtube,nen e gai dung buon nhe..cung nguoi Viet Nam ma..ko lien quan den chinh tri la dc.

  2. Greetings, I really liked the theme, knowing the two versions, that of a foreigner and a local citizen. I am curious, I have noticed that for some women in Thailand gold is important, I have any information about the reason or reasons, is it the same with women in your country? I have watched some wedding videos and they wear gold bracelets. What are the differences between the customs of the north and the south of your beautiful country?

  3. You did well on this reaction video em. I can help you on bird-eyes video if want me to. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

  4. i like VAN's video as usual
    but to be honest, i am not really for such "reacting to" content" . Maybe, at another phase forth , you 'll do this type much better, just not incredible enough now. Keep it up with your series of discovering special, even peculiar customs or traits of the Vietnamese culture you're doing is the best direction. For instance, next video could be about what can i buy with 50, 000đ for some types of fruits (go to a corner market and buy different types of fruit with such budget to show the viewers how cheap and diverse Vietnamese fruits are ,,, just a small hint) . Hope you 'll enjoy my comment.

  5. Grab should be the only way to travel in Vietnam, except Hue (and smaller cities) does not have it. Don't use taxis out of safety.

    If you bargain to death or give advice to do so, stay at home! The country lives off of tourism. To come into the country giving those advice are 👎👎, especially during this pandemic. I saw another fat YouTuber who is a loser in America and moved to Vietnam to parasite off of the land, giving this advice. It was just SICK how this fat YouTuber did it over a dollar or two, dragging the merchants through the mud. Hence does not mean you get yipped or con. It is just common sense.

    Max McFarland has mentioned something similar about this in his video where he was giving out donations a few weeks ago. Max hit it right on the nail. 👍

  6. It’s true that everything is negotiable, but I don’t normally spend too much time to bargain. It’s more than 10yrs ago,my bike was broken on road and it took some time to be fixed. So I kept going by a grab bike. I showed the driver my wallet That I don’t have enough money because I just paid for my broken bike. It’s incredibly fortunate he agreed to drive me on though we’ve never met before.😅😅😅 I miss Vietnam!

  7. Đi qua đường đang đông mà bạn dừng lại là bạn chọn cái chết 😂😂😂. Mạnh mẽ lên 💪

  8. First time I was in Saigon, I didn't cross the street for 2 days so i pretty much walk in circles or go by taxi if I wanted to venture further. Booking on a booking site (, agoda,.com,,…) is more expensive because it's geared towards tourists. I booked a room online in District 11 last time I was there and thought it was a great deal. When I got there, the price on the sign was way cheaper than what I paid online.

  9. Đặt phòng trực tuyến trước 1 giờ sẽ được giảm giá rất nhiều. Vì khách sạn nhỏ ở vn ở khắp mọi nơi. Kinh nghiệm của tôi mỗi đợt đi xuyên việt!

  10. Đồng ý là đi xe máy nhanh ko phải ai cũng làm tốt . Nhưng đi nhanh mới mát người mát máy

  11. Hình như có gì hơi sai sai í
    Grab Bike là Bình Bịch Taxi thì phải, ở Vietnam không mấy ai đi xe đạp

  12. Giọng chị rất hay, em rất mê tiếng anh nếu được nghe chị nói. Thanks chị, mong kênh phát triển nhiều nhiều hơn !

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