46 thoughts on “VR Mall – New Mall in Chennai

  1. Parking 40rs per hour for bike. Oru movie poitu vantha 120 rs. Sari velila nipatulanu patha anga local rowdya vachurukanunga intha nasama pona vr mall nainga

  2. Bro Dubai la oru concept 1-10 nu irukkum sonna mathiriyae all items will be 1-10 dress , chocolate, kids toy ,kitchen items etc,athe concept ana Vera Vera ratela irukku

  3. Actually super 99 is the shop name only. When we gone inside the prices are based on products quantity and quality and that ends with 9 like it basic prices starts with 99, 199, 299, 149, 159, 169, 499 like that. That what the shop name is super 99.

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