50 thoughts on “Walking Miami : Bayfront Park & Bayside Marketplace on Valentine's Day Evening 2021

  1. A lot of people speak Spanish in Miami ? Hahahahaha. Must be your first time in Miami. Lol. Cubans built that city.

  2. Enjoy your freedom Florida!!!!🥺❤🥺❤we live in different worlds. Remain strong and don't allow dictators to ruin your life….yours truly a californian

  3. And here I am in lockdown in Canada. So sick of this shit. What is really going on here. Makes one wonder. I am so wanting to live again and see, talk and touch people. God help us

  4. Miami is very nice … All the people out and about looks like the days before covid-19. Hopefully the world returns to normal soon 🙂. Enjoy the beautiful weather ☺️

  5. Glad you got out of NYC. What made you choose Miami? I am enjoying your walks thru NYC, Boston and now Miami. Its a lot too take in, LOL!! But fun Try also visiting Key West. That is another lively place. I'm sure there are buses to take you to Key West & try the Key Lime pie, yummm

  6. Terrific walk, AK! I'd love to be in 77 degree F weather right now. Parts of Miami are so pretty. The art deco architecture of some of the bars, and buildings, is amazing and gorgeous to see. A must see for me when I walk around in Miami. Have fun on your trip! I am looking forward to all of your vlogs from Miami!! So exciting!! Definitely check out the South Beach Art Deco Historical neighbourhood – lots of gorgeous bars and buildings done in the most beautiful architectural styles!!

  7. People in Miami clubbing.. meanwhile over here, clubs have been shut down since February 2020 and all restaurants since October…can’t deny, that I’m s9 what jealous of Florida

  8. I miss Miami so much. Haven’t been there since 2018. You should walk along Ocean Drive , Collins Ave and Lincoln Road in South Beach.

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