42 thoughts on “Walking Miami Beach's TRENDY Lincoln Road (February 15, 2021)

  1. How come No peeking at Menu for prices,as U did on Ocean drive? We're curious if the prices are cheaper? good stroll tho'.next time please check Menus..THX!

  2. I spent many weekends on Lincoln road in the 1980s. It was different. Full of art studios, galleries and funky shops. Most are gone now replaced with more touristy shops.

  3. Nice video Kenneth, you are certainly churning them out recently. Anyway I am curious do you use the wide angle lens on the Pocket?

  4. You recorded this feb 15: and posted 2/18 AK, so where are you? Going to Key West? Oh boy your going to love it! Walk anyplace. Pet the Hemingway cats for me and look out for roosters and chickens at the Conch Republic!! It’s a long drive from Miami but it’s heaven! 🌺🦜🐠🐓🐟🌮🧜‍♀️🕶👒🧢🦎🦅🦆🐬🐊🌴🌺🌸🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 best state!❤️

  5. I love these exotic summer vibes when i know i have heavy winter here.
    I'm happy you are in Miami. I seen many 4K videos from here and i love it. Any plans for Las Vegas someday? 🙂
    By the way, when you are quiet like this, it's like is not you 🙂 It's funny to me how things changed : when i started to watch your videos, i chose the silent ones (cause i watched these kind of walks for years) but now i am addicted to hear your random talks. Well done, Kiddie! :)) ❤️

  6. When I was on Lincoln Rd. in the 40's the restaurants were all indoor and the movie theaters were beautiful. Fish tanks, exclting neon lighting, the works
    Coming from New York City I couldn't believe the exotic feeling. I loved it. And I was only 16 so that might have had something to do with it.
    It's still a great looking place. And Back then the Roney Plaza at the beginning of the street on Collins Ave was the hot spot of the town.

  7. Thank you for the morning walk. So good to see the sunshine and people enjoying their morning. Can't wait to be in Florida soon. Your videos are very good and have given me some ideas of where to eat, stay and tour. Keep the videos coming. Miami weather beats what is happening from NC to NY. Thanks again!

  8. The Action Kid shelling out 20 Dollars for a slice of 🍕 & a craft 🍺 + tip. Not even a 🍪 included. Living Large !

  9. I lived on 1305 Michigan ave in 1991 and Lincoln Road did not look like this back then haha, in fact, I think there was traffic going through this road. If you walk on Washington ave, there were no street islands there either. So much has changed in South Beach. If you saw the movie "Ace Ventura Pet Detective" Jimmy Curry, my school was one block away from where they filmed his apt which was also on Washington Ave. My School was on 12th Washington. If I go back and visit, this is where I stay around this area

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