38 thoughts on “Walking New York: Island Park to Long Beach (April 4, 2021)

  1. Island Park is a charming calm place under clear Blue Sky!!! But I'm waiting with impatience when you will go out to the ocean at last. And it's here, the broad walk, here my school friend ( we taught in art school in Moscow) with his family has celebrated one's birthday now. It's difficult to say what I'm feeling. I like a waste of waters and I'm envying him a little…Many thanks for this movie, it has done very well.

  2. Hey Action Kid! How you doin'? Just had a dinner and decided to hang out with ya! Sounds pretty cool !!!

  3. Another great trip through Island Park and Long Beach..Very interesting homes along the
    way and very beautiful…also the beach …You do a great job Action Kid and I like the narration you do…Take Care on your walking trips and don't stop as I so enjoy your work…!!!!

  4. I loved your walk. Spent many years traveling the roads you were on as I worked in Long Beach and my sister lived right in the red brick building by the entrance to the boardwalk. Many things changed but it is still the beautiful LI beach. Thanks AK

  5. So much potential for transit oriented development around that station, instead there's basically parking and car-dependent sprawl. That makes me sad.

  6. Very nice to see parts of Island Park that way. I grew up on tiny nearby Harbor Isle 1953-1963. Went to elementary school in IP. Only come back maybe once a decade.

  7. Great Walking Tour I Really Love Your Videos AK Take Care With Love Always Ms British Gray From Tampa Florida Blessings

  8. Hi from France 🇫🇷. I lived there❤️. Good job guys. Which camera you use?

  9. Many of the homes and businesses on island park were heavily damaged after superstorm Sandy. At one point, the entire island was under water, with some areas only 1 foot under water, and others experiencing up to 6 feet of flooding.

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