37 thoughts on “WE HAVEN'T DONE IT FOR OVER 1.5 years | PHILIPPINES

  1. I'm good😁👌👍I'm going to my oncologist tomorrow and will find out if he sees anything on the pet scan they took last week 😁I'm trying to be positive👌👍👍💝

  2. 7:15 i remember those star wars laser sounds at the alturas in talibon 🤪😂
    Mario: you mention UK in this video, is that your native country?

  3. She wanted only a mop but she came home with the whole supermerket woman and spendig goes together hahahaaa lol nice video greetings from Holland new supscriber 👍👍👍👍👍

  4. Trust me when I say you would only enjoy the snow for a very very short period. Let me rephrase that -the snow is fine .its the bitter cold when it gets below -0

  5. Of course for us foreigner from US and Europe, it's not expensive. Black forest cake at 618 PHP is so cheap, In France this size is about more 1500 PHP…lol I have to live there 🙂

  6. All men think the same when it comes to wife is going to the mall. My husband always said the same thing. Be safe guys!

  7. As I read other comments, Filipino and officials are racists, probably due to the gap of money power of foreigners. A Jack Daniels cost 1400 PHP, it about 24 euros, so almost the price here in France. So for filipino it's really expensive. So we have long queues in malls here, and nothing is so unreal in this vidéo. I like to discover in real life around you. Margie always to the top, and Mario always with a quiet mind with his filipina little dragon 🙂 Keep on guys

  8. Does Mario live in the Philippines or just there for a visit? Does Margie want to visit Poland? would love to see your vlog around Poland. Of course after covid ☺️

  9. Hehehe,, Me TOO,,,Toblerone, Nutella , welcome and Jack daniels TOO,,
    THATS ALL YUMMYYY.😊😊Tagayyyyy.

  10. Hi Guys,
    hi, Mario and Margie,, thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for the shopping tour ,,,Nice clean shopping mall.
    Both of you take care,, regards from The Nederlands

  11. Hej guys nise mall i was supriced in the sou d of the scanner in the casshier not beep,beep but peuw like a starwars gun haha

  12. You guys have been in the wild to long now you look so happy in the big market lots of choice food😅🤣 be safe have more fun and stay healthy

  13. Hey M&M
    Thanks for the shopping tour
    Nice and clean shopping mall
    Jack Daniel’s 😋😋 about the same price here in Australia 😊
    Stay safe guys

  14. Mario, my friend lives in Bohol. He is 76 yrs old. 2 weeks ago he was in a Multi cab and he was driving and two guys on motorbike ran into him. The one driving was hurt bad…his leg was broken. But my Friend had to pay the hospital bill. Its so sad. He had to sell the Multi cab and now he is broke. And it was not his fault.

  15. I like how Margie dresses. You can tell she is not a province Girl…lol…Province girl Shop at Ukay Ukay. I tell my GF I do not want her to wear clothes of Dead people…lol…

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