Weekly News, $BABA Fine, $BLOK Overview, $SCHN ER, $RFP Option, $KSPN & $EH Closeup, Webull, & More!

Updated TA for the Week of April 12th, 2021:
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0:00 Intro
1:08 I’m Not a Shill
1:29 TA Sheet Update
1:43 Monopoly Fines $BABA for Being Monopolistic
4:19 Short Sellers Losing Everything
6:22 Coinbase Q1 2021 Estimates
7:18 $BLOK ETF Low-risk Crypto Investment
9:00 Impossible Foods IPO
10:10 Biden Gun Control
11:11 $SWBI Tie-in
12:20 Lumber All-time High
13:00 Lumber DD Reddit Post /u/Ding123456
14:21 $RFP Options Play Reasoning
15:26 $RFP Options Play Specifics
16:00 $SCHN Option Recap, ER, Webull Chart
17:42 Upcoming Earnings
18:33 $OGI Webull Chart & Analysis
19:51 $KSPN Webull Chart & Analysis
23:30 $EH Webull Chart & Analysis
26:38 DD Video Announcement
27:01 MTN Interview #2
27:16 Closing Thoughts

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27 thoughts on “Weekly News, $BABA Fine, $BLOK Overview, $SCHN ER, $RFP Option, $KSPN & $EH Closeup, Webull, & More!

  1. Not to give you more pharma related stocks to look at but I think Progressive care (RXMD) might be worth a look for you. They're a pharmaceuticals company located in Florida that deal is prescription services, virtual healthcare, and data management for healthcare services.

    Thanks for all the investment insight and go enjoy your gains!

  2. I started investing in late February. Did my due diligence and feel like the companies i invested in, are strong with good potential. Thought I was buying in the dip, but march’s correction just kept dipping. Started out with $14,925 and down about 20%. Most of my investments are in the red. I know it’s gonna bounce back but dam, 3 months in and my patience is running thin. Just going to keep trying to add to my positions and avg. down. I know my companies are going to turn around.

  3. It's sad to see the amount of people who pump and dump stocks and have no problem helping other online investors in a similar boat loose money. There's already an unfair advantage against us with institutional investors, no need to make the problem worse. So, I appreciate you not being a shill like many youtubers these days. Keep doing you Walrus.

  4. There was about a 10 min window where you could have sold the SCHN calls. I took 10 4/16 $43 BE $45.20. Was up 20% and I had just gotten my trailing stop in thinking "HERE WE GO!" when it cratered. Good luck on the interview!

  5. Wolfpack Research went to empty factory during Chinese New Year holiday!
    I am adding up EH as long term play.
    Also, in most videos about evtol, they show EHang the most, means EH actually made working products, Korea, Japan, and Singapore use them.
    Can't say the same for example the scammy SOS, lol!
    In my opinion, Hindenburg is legit, but Wolfpack is NOT!
    Visiting the factory during holidays, lol!

  6. Damn right Walrus aint no shill. He's already done the hard job of researching and putting out those DDs; all we gotta do is wait and cash in those checks once its time. On a side note I had no idea the russell 2000 index was the one to look at regarding small caps… good to know since im mostly that.

  7. Under the radar stock play with crypto benefits is Mogo. They have an all in one wallet and payment app similar to PayPal. They also own a large % of Coinsquare one of Canada’s biggest exchanges with contingencies for even more market share at their choice which I think the market will pay more attention after coinbase goes public. Financials look good as well and seems like a nice play overall with an added bonus of crypto exposure. I’d suggest you check it out.

  8. Honestly with the amount of DD you offer up and produce….I think you legit deserve your own Netflix series! Appreciate the weekly Chapelle gif! I'm considering taking a position in BABA now that this hammer has finally dropped. Will see if it plummets beyond its support of around 220 though. Note…surprised you didn't actually say execute order…..69 😅

  9. Walrus, dude!! Your going to get shadow ban for putting Xi in winnie body lol!! Don't you know Youtube(Google), Facebook, apple, all kowtow to the CCP boss!

  10. Yes I had to take a few minutes to calm myself after you said that two short investors lost a shit ton of money 😂🤣😂

  11. Thanks for the $BLOK suggestion, walrus! Adding it now. And I don’t know if you’ve heard but $HGEN is awesome. Do NOT take my word for it!

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