36 thoughts on “What is flamingo? Dis is flamingo! A flamingo in a flamingo cube

  1. In your to much isolation build can you make furfful and Milly’s room’s along with your room .also do more darlington videos

  2. The options are blue pink purple and orange. Flamingos eat shrimp that’s why they pink and you can get a pink lego one

  3. This build is so cute I love flamingos 🦩 so does the rest of my family! And also we searched up a while ago why flamingos are pink: the shrimp they eat turns their feathers pink, something to do with the pigments or something I don’t fully understand but yeah, it’s also why babies are grey/white, they have not eaten the shrimp that much. But I’m not entirely sure.

  4. Hi Ellie, I'm watching this a bit late but I love it all look much!!! Any chance of doing a too much harry potter build? Thanks, I would appreciate it very much!!

  5. All the emojis that describe Ellie : 💕🤣👑☀️😝🥳🤩🤪😸🦄🌈💥⭐️💫🍭❤️🧡💛💚💙💜☺️

  6. how many shrimps do u have to eat before u make your skin turn pink eat too much and you will get sick shrimps are pretty rich

    (skips the over part)

    black white pink or blue show off your natural hue flamingo oh oh oh oh if your multi coloured thats cool too

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