What Shopping Looks Like Now!

We visit a mall in Dubai to show you how the experience has changed to keep things safe and sanitized for visitors.

It feels good to be able to explore the city again while not forgetting the times we are in, and the importance of being responsible to ourselves and those around us.

Stay safe everyone, much love and blessings always ❤


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34 thoughts on “What Shopping Looks Like Now!

  1. Are the Penguins real ??? Are people and leaders of DUBAI MAD AND HEARTLESS
    that's what happens when money takes over you .

  2. Am I the only person who liked before watching the video 🤣 ma’sha’allah I only go on YouTube now to see you guys have uploaded 👏🏽

  3. when the camera come on we are just a normal family , i died of laughing , funniest and best family in uae, god bless and much love

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  7. seems like dubai is dealing with pandemic very well ! Since South korea is suffering from the third wave of covid19, hopefully we will take it seriously and deal with as strict as the measure of yours

  8. Salaam.. iam from kerala & now iam living in kuwait 🇰🇼.
    Just now i saw ur kerala video & i like it sir ❤️
    Also I subscribed channel

  9. This is the reason why i live in UAE and i love Dubai. Thanku Khalid Al Ameri for sharing this video with us, and also ur the best local Youtuber. I hope u reach 1 milliom subscribes soon as possible..😉😉👍. May God Bless Us All. And we will fight this COVID-19 Virus.

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