1. Remind me trip to Da lat back to 2007, hope will soon back to vn in the near future, anh moi em cung di nhé 🤫

  2. 04:00 "Tartness" is probably not the best word to describe "chat". Maybe you are referring to "Astringent"?

    Google this: What is the strange taste feeling that one gets when eating a quince or unripe plum or persimmon?

  3. It’s a very beautiful place 💗. Vietnamese dishes look very delicious 😋. I hope I will be able to visit Vietnam in August. I bought the tickets last November. I got my COVID-19 vaccine two weeks ago 😀. Thanks for sharing your many lovely videos with all of us🙏.

  4. I love Dalat ! Going back again soon. Was there 50 years ago for honeymoon. Looking for a very good French restaurant with music. Use to be one in a valley. I’m sure the one from 50 years ago is no longer. Bye

  5. I love your videos. I will definite go to Da Lat if I have a chance. By the way, do you have to bargain for the price at the might market? thanks

  6. Vannnnn xin chao . khoe khong? always the smile and the thumb up 4ever!!! love this style !! 😉🇻🇳🇻🇳 video on top as usual. Da lat city of strawberry

  7. Oh my, your reaction when playing roller coaster is so so cute. BTW, those dishes look scrumptious :)))

  8. Love your channel with your bright lovely face and sweet voice. Already subscribed, hope to see more of your videos.

  9. Just found your channel, your videos are great! I tried fruit like that last night in Hoi An and it was also super spicy haha

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